Everything you need to know about the Touch Bar for MacBook Pro

The Touch Bar adds a row of multitouch controls to the top of the MacBook Pro’s keyboard. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Apple still insists it has no interest in multitouch screens on its Mac line — that’s what the iPad is for, after all. But that doesn’t mean multitouch can’t have a place on the Mac: The company’s new Touch Bar (currently available on the new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro) is a touch-based OLED bar that replaces the row of function keys on your keyboard. Depending on which app is active on your screen, the bar’s options change to reflect the best controls for that program. The Touch Bar also includes a Touch ID sensor on its right side, integrated into the Power button, which adds quick account switching and Apple Pay authorization to your Mac.

Whether you just picked up a new MacBook Pro or you’re still considering a Mac with Touch Bar support, we’ve put together an ultimate guide for all your multitouch controlling needs.

Touch Bar FAQ

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Tips & Tricks

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is out now on Nintendo Switch, finally bringing one of the best puzzling Wii U titles to the handheld console. The game is almost fully the same and includes the pixel Toad hide-and-see add-on content, but also throws in a handful of Super Mario Odyssey-themed levels to replace the old Super Mario 3D World levels. It’s the perfect Switch game, but despite its gentle and easygoing appearance, it can get tricky!

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you finish more levels of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker with all the gems, coins, 1-Ups, and Super Mushrooms available:

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Move that camera!

The first thing you should do in any level you enter is move your camera around. All around! Check the stage out from all angles, including above and below, to see if you can see any hidden passages. You should do this multiple times throughout the level–essentially any time you are standing in a new space or have activated a new switch.


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Apple Watch and activity tracking: Everything you need to know!

The Apple Watch doesn’t track activity like every other fitness tracker. Here’s what you need to know.

The fitness tracking on Apple Watch goes beyond just counting steps or tracking calories, instead focusing more on your overall health, differentiating between movement and actual exercise, and encouraging you to stand more than you already might. Performing the activities suggested by your Apple Watch helps fill up those rings in the Activity app, but how does Apple measure all of that, anyway? Well not to worry, we’ve got you covered right here.

If you own an Apple Watch and are somewhat in the dark about what Apple tracks and how, here’s what you need to know.

The Rings
Health, Workout, and Activity
Third-party fitness apps
The Rings

The Stand, Exercise, and Move rings make up the central display for your overall activity as captured by your Apple Watch. Scrolling down in the Activity app on your watch will show you an hour-by-hour breakdown of your activity for each (when …

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Meet your new Mac

Learn the basic anatomy of your Mac.

So, you’ve purchased your new Mac and you’ve got it all set up. Now, you’re sitting in front of your screen, wondering what to do next. Lucky for you, we’ve got this useful guide to understanding the basic anatomy of your desktop or laptop. So, if you’re new to Mac, welcome to the family. Now it’s time to learn where everything is and what it does.

The Touch Bar
Touch ID and Apple Pay
Auto Unlock
The Dock
The Menu bar
Desktop background images and the screensaver
The Mac App Store
The Trackpad & Magic Mouse
Full screen mode
Taking Screenshots
The Mail app
iCloud and Continuity
Facebook and Twitter integration
Troubleshooting the Mac

The Touch Bar

Apple added a big new feature to the latest model MacBook Pro. The Touch Bar is an OLED panel that sits at the top of the keyboard and replaces the row of function keys. It is contextual, meaning what appears on the panel w…

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Roku’s new $199 wireless speakers are made especially for Roku-powered TVs

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers sport not just one but two remote controls.

Preordering gets you a discount, but the speakers aren’t available until October.

Roku today announced its new (and highly anticipated) Roku TV Wireless Speakers. They are, as the name implies, wireless speakers made specifically for Roku TV. The speakers won’t be available until October.

Pricing bounces a bit depending on when you buy. Preorders today through July 23 will cost $149. From July 24 to Oct. 15 you’ll pay $179. And from Oct. 16 on the retail price is $199.

The bundle includes a pair of Roku TV Wireless speakers, a voice remote, tabletop remote, a pair of power cables, and four AAA batteries.

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Introducing CordCutters.com!

The hardware you need
All about streaming services
What channels are on which service
FREE over-the-air TV
How to watch sports
Join the discussion
Get the latest deals

Roku Announces Roku TV Wireless Speakers Making it Easy for Consumers to A…

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Relay is an LTE walkie-talkie for kids (and for MrMobile)

In a world of smartphones that do everything, it’s refreshing to try a gadget that does … one thing. Relay is an LTE walkie-talkie from Republic Wireless designed to keep your kids in contact with you (and each other) without forcing them into the same crippling smartphone addiction that’s slowly sucking the life from all of us grown-ups. You may remember it from the excellent hands-on piece that Russell Holly published not too long ago, wherein he proclaimed it ”a fantastic take on a kid-friendly ‘phone’.”

Given Russell’s status as an actual father, you might expect his word to be the final one on the matter. But that would require you to forget about my unhealthy obsession with walkie-talkies in all their forms. Step aside, Russell; it’s time for pretend-dad MrMobile to take a crack at these things! Join me as I put Relay through the ins and outs of a typical week, musing on the difficulties of making push-to-talk over cellular function properly, and dropping…

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WaterField Designs Pro Executive backpack and Transit Travel Case review: Fashionably functional

Getting all your stuff to and from the office, meetings, and more is rarely this sexy.

I love a good backpack. I’ve reviewed Incase’s ICON backpack, and diving so deep into what makes a great backpack great has birthed an odd love for bags. Thus, when offered a Pro Executive backpack from WaterField Designs, I said ”hell yeah”. I’m incredibly frugal (I like to chalk it up to being a Winnipegger, but who knows), and I was really curious to see if these bags were worth $349.

WaterField Designs also sent me its Transit Travel case, which is meant to help organize the glovebox in your car, but it also makes a super hand way to carry around peripherals. Let’s check that out too!

Pro Executive: Badass, elegant, and tough, all in one

out of 5

Built to last

Let’s just start with the smell: I opened the shipping box and was imm…

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Amazon surprises Prime members with up to 50% off Echo, Fire TV, Kindle as early Prime Day deals go live

Here we go!

Amazon Prime Day officially begins at 3pm ET, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t already take advantage of some insanely good deals right now. From the Echo Dot for $30 to the recently-released Toshiba 50-inch Fire TV for $290, there are a lot of great devices at awesome prices. Some of these prices drop below anything we’ve seen in the past, while others match what we haven’t seen in quite some time.

Echo Hardware

Echo Dot – $29.99 (Was $50)
Echo (2nd-gen) – $69.99 (Was $100)
Echo Spot – $99.99 (Was $130)
Echo Show – $129.99 (Was $230)
Fire TV Hardware

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote – $19.99 (Was $40)
Fire TV with 4K and Alexa Voice Remote – $34.99 (Was $70)
Fire TV Cube – $89.99 (Was $120)
Fire Tablets

Fire 7 Tablet – $29.99 (Was $50)
Fire HD 8 – $49.99 (Was $80)
Fire HD 10 Tablet – $99.99 (Was $150)

Kindle – $49.99 (Was $80)
Kindle Paperwhite – $79.99 (Was $120)
Other hardware

Toshiba 50-inch 4K Fire TV – $289.99 (Was $400)
Amazon Cloud Cam – $59.9…

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How to use Touch ID on your MacBook Pro

Apple’s new Touch Bar MacBook Pro models offer support for Touch ID, the company’s fingerprint-based authentication system.

If you own a recent iPhone, you’ve likely used Touch ID: It’s Apple’s built-in privacy system for unlocking your device and authorizing Apple Pay. Here’s how to set it up and use it on your Mac!

How does Touch ID work?

Touch ID is the name of Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor. It’s a form of biometric security that’s meant to be more convenient than entering a passcode or password, especially on iPhones and iPads we use hundreds of times a day. You can register up to five fingerprints on the MacBook Pro, with a maximum of three fingerprints per user account.

Once you add your fingerprint to your MacBook Pro, you’ll be able to do the following:

Wake and log in to your user account from sleep (you’ll have to sign in with your password on first boot)
Switch between users from sleep, if they each have separate fingerprints saved
Use Apple Pay on the Mac

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Fullversion av Photoshop på gång för Ipad

Kommer troligtvis att visas upp i oktober och släppas nästa år.

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