Pokémon Go Alolan Forms list: How to get Geodude, Exeggutor, Muk, Vulpix, and more!

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Pokémon Go Alolan Forms list: How to get Geodude, Exeggutor, Muk, Vulpix, and more!

What you need to know about the Alolan forms of Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region coming to Pokémon Go this summer!

Just when you were expecting Pokémon Go to start ramping up Gen 4, it went and threw us an Alolan Forms curveball. So, what are these tropical variants of a dozen-and-a-half Gen 1 Pokémon and how do you hatch, catch, and evolve them? Here’s what we know so far!

Which Alolan Pokémon are currently available in Pokémon Go?

As of July 2018, all of them!

Alolan Exeggutor (Catch/Raid)
Alolan Grimer (Hatch from 7 KM Egg)
Alolan Muk (Evolve)
Alolan Meowth (Hatch from 7 KM Egg)
Alolan Persian (Evolve)
Alolan Vulpix (Hatch from 7 KM Egg)
Alolan Ninetails (Evolve)
Alolan Sandshrew (Hatch from 7 KM Egg)
Alolan Sandslash (Evolve)
Alolan Rattata (Catch)
Alolan Raticate (Evolve)
Alolan Diglette (Catch)
Alolan Dugtrio (Catch)
Alolan Geodude (Catch)
Alolan Gravler (Evolve)
Alolan Golem (Evolve)
Alolan Raichu (Raid)

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Best new apps for iPhone and iPad in July 2018

What are the hottest new apps on the App Store right now? These!

There are over a million and a half apps for iPhone and iPad and the number just keeps growing. Every day new and newly updated apps hit the App Store, and it’s impossible to keep up with all of them. Luckily, you don’t have to. All you have to do is bookmark this page and come back every day. When you do, we’ll have the best of the best new apps waiting for you!

Best new and updated apps

This week, watch some free TV on your iPhone with Dreams, create sound-filled musical GIFs with TuneMoji, and design collaboratively on the go with InVisions app for iPhone and iPad.

Dreams – This app puts a new spin on getting TV on your iPhone. The app delivers, for free, television programming straight to your phone. Watch cooking shows from the Food Netork, home improvement shows on HGTV, or financial news from Bloomberg. There’s no login or sign up required, you just start watching. You can watch video vertically or horizo…

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Instagram: Everything you need to know!

Get familiar with the queen of all social media apps and start sharing your life through Instagram!

Instagram is a social media app that allows users to share photos and videos from their lives, add captions, edit filters, tweak settings, engage with others, explore and creep, and so, so much more — you just have to know what you’re doing so you don’t get overwhelmed!

Instagram – Free – Download Now

July 19, 2018 – Instagram now lets you see who’s online for more efficient DM’ing

The Instagram app is loaded with all sorts of features these days, one of which is the ability to send direct messages to friends and family members. Thanks to a new update that’s rolling out, it’ll now be easier to get in touch with friends right away.

Starting today, you’ll begin to see a small green icon next to people within Instagram that indicates they’re online and actively using the app.

This indicator will be present just about everywhere you go, including your inbox for direct messages …

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Amazon has added a Part Finder for the less handy among us

Next time you aren’t sure what screw to buy, you may want to check on Amazon.

Let’s face it: not everyone has encyclopedic knowledge of all the screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and other hardware they may need to do a bit of DIY household repair. In my case, if it doesn’t come in a clearly labeled IKEA packet with detailed pictorial instructions, you may as well be handing me alien technology. Thankfully though, according to TechCrunch, Amazon has taken pity on those of us who have yet to learn the art of handiness with a new mobile feature called Part Finder.

So say you’ve got an screw knocking around that you need to buy more of in order to complete the project you happen to be working on, but you aren’t sure what type of screw it is. All you need to do is tap the camera icon next to the search bar in the Amazon app, and then choose Part Finder from the menu that pops up. The app will then scan the item in question using your phone’s camera and direct you to where you can find it on…

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Pokémon Go Legendary Raids: How to beat Zapdos, Registeel in July 2018

Registeel is the second of the Legendary titans of Hoenn to enter Pokémon Go — and will be available to Raid until Aug 16!

Pokémon Go Legendary Raids are in full effect. We’ve already had the Gen 1 Legendary Birds, the Gen 2 Legendary Beasts, their masters, Lugia and Ho-Oh, and the Gen 3 Weather Trio, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. Now it’s all about the Eon Duo, Latios and Latios, and the psychic dragons have split the world between them!

July 19,2018: Registeel is taking over Legendary Raids… Until August 16!

Trainers, get ready to battle Registeel! The Iron Pokémon has emerged and will take over Raid Battles from the Ice-type Legendary Pokémon Regice until August 16. pic.twitter.com/uRDaQAUxaF— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) July 19, 2018

Keep your Moltres, Entei, and Machamp at the ready!

July 12, 2018: Zapdos Day is coming on July 21

Just like Articuno Day, not as cold, but more charged:

Are you ready for round…

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Smart microwaves, Philips Hue starter kits, Bluetooth speakers, and more are all discounted today

Whether you’re looking for new tech gear or household items, we’ve got you covered.

We found plenty of great deals today that include big discounts on a GE microwave and Echo Dot bundle, a 2-bulb Philips Hue starter kit, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and more! Time’s running out to take advantage of these prices, so hurry!

View the rest of the deals

If you want to know about the deals as soon as they are happening, you’ll want to follow Thrifter on Twitter, and sign up for the newsletter, because missing out on a great deal stinks!

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How to make Skype, FaceTime, or Hangouts video look great

Frequently video chat with friends, co-workers, or podcasters? Here are a few tips to help you look like a pro.

Video chatting with friends and co-workers has practically become a way of life in our modern world. I use Skype and FaceTime pretty much daily in my home and work life, and because of that, I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to perfect my video quality.

Whether you wear pajama bottoms or a dress shirt for a video chat, you shouldn’t have to settle for sub-par results: Here are my favorite tips for making your webcam video look better than the rest.

Film from above, not below
Light it up
Create a good backdrop
Add effects and white balance with iGlasses

Film from above, not below

Whether you’re using an iMac, MacBook Pro, third-party webcam, or iPhone, the worst you can do is have your camera below your face, pointed up — human faces do not look great chin-first. In an ideal world, you want your camera positioned slightly above eye-level, looking down …

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These Smart Plugs Work With Siri and Apple’s HomeKit

Go all-in on HomeKit-enabled accessories!

If you’re new to home automation, a smart plug can be a good first step — a toe in the water, if you will — in building out your connected home. If you’ve gone all-in on HomeKit-enabled accessories, this list can help you track down the perfect HomeKit-enabled plug for your smart home.

Elgato Eve Energy
iDevices Switch
iDevices Outdoor Switch
iHome Connect Smart Plug iSP6
iHome Connect Smart Plug iSP8
Koogeek Smart Plug P1
Koogeek Smart Outlet
Elgato Eve Energy

The Elgato Eve Energy is a Bluetooth-connected smart plug. With in-depth energy monitoring stats, the Elgato Eve Energy can help you keep a lid on your utility bills. Thanks to the device’s Bluetooth LE connection, you won’t need to struggle with a Wi-Fi setup process or crowd your network with another device — the Eve Energy communicates directly with your phone or through an Apple TV or iPad via Apple HomeKit.

Here’s what you need to know about the Elgato Eve …

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How to use Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch

Don’t get tangled with your Switch.

One great thing about gaming on the Nintendo Switch is that you can game anywhere you’d like. However, if you’re on the subway or a bus, you don’t want your game audio to disturb those around you. You could use the headphone jack, but then the wire gets tangled between you and the Switch.

Fortunately, there’s a way to game on the go and use your favorite Bluetooth headphones. Here’s how to use your Bluetooth headphones with the Nintendo Switch!

The Switch doesn’t let users pair Bluetooth headphones directly to it, so we’ll need a workaround. You’ll need to get a Bluetooth transmitter with an audio-in jack. The one we used for this guide is the TROND 2-in-1 receiver, which was $30 at the time of writing and features Micro-USB for charging. I was actually able to charge it from the Switch, but you may not want to do that since it’ll cut into your gaming time. It included a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable in the box, so after grabbing some mounting t…

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How to record a FaceTime call on your iPhone or Mac

Save those FaceTime calls for later.

FaceTime calls are a great way to stay in touch with people you care about, whether on an iOS device or a Mac. However, what do you do if you want to save those special moments? Luckily, using your Mac, you can record those calls to view later.

Here’s how you can record FaceTime calls taken on both Mac and iPhone.

How to record a FaceTime call on your Mac
How to record a FaceTime call on your iPhone using your Mac
How to use third-party software to record a FaceTime call
How to record a FaceTime call on your Mac

If you’re looking to record a FaceTime call on your Mac, you can use QuickTime’s screen recording feature to your advantage.

Open QuickTime on your Mac from your dock or your Applications folder.
Click File in the Menu bar.

Click New Screen Recording.
Click the arrow next to the record button in the QuickTime window.

Choose Internal Microphone from the list of available microphones.
Open FaceTime.

Click the record button in Quic…

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