August introduces new products that sense if your door is open or closed

August's next generation of smart lock products are making your door smarter than ever.

Smart home security company August announced in a press release today that its redesigned family of smart home products are now available for purchase. In addition to boasting improvements like longer battery life, both of the new locks are equipped with a technology the company calls DoorSense that can tell you when your door has been left ajar.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

The most full-featured of the new locks, the Smart Lock Pro + Connect, is also the priciest at $279, but with good reason. It supports WiFi, HomeKit, Bluetooth and Z-Wave Plus connectivity, meaning you can integrate it into pretty much any smart home technology you may already have - that way you can ask Siri or Alexa to lock your door for you. In addition, the Smart Lock Pro can be set to lock instantly as soon as the door is closed, so there won't be any stressing yourself out at work wondering whether or not you remembered to lock your door. The lock also includes a new Beta service called Active Monitoring that sends you alerts on your smartphone when any activity happens re: your door.

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August Smart Lock

The more affordable of the locks, a redesigned version of August's original Smart Lock, will only set you back $149 but includes all the basic features you need to protect your home. Like the Smart Lock Pro, it offers keyless entry, Active Monitoring, auto-lock, temporary keys sent via the August app and quick and easy install over your existing deadbolt. However, unlike the Smart Lock Pro, it also has a manual thumb-turn locking mechanism and doesn't offer as many connectivity options. If you're new to the smart lock game, this is a good option for you.

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August Doorbell Cam Pro

August's announcement wasn't all locks, though: The company also rolled out the Doorbell Cam Pro, an upgraded version of their preexisting doorbell cam system. The Doorbell Cam Pro has a motion-activated floodlight so that it can capture color footage at night (though ideally it also might strike fear into the heart of an intruder). Another cool feature introduced along with the redesigned cam is HindSight - it records the few seconds leading up to whatever incident triggers the motion detector as well so you don't miss out on anything when you're watching the footage. The Doorbell Cam Pro hasn't been officially released yet, but is available for preorder on August's website.

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