Ny version av Safari släppt för Sierra och El Capitan

Erbjuder bland annat stopp för automatisk uppspelning av ljud vid surfande.

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What’s new in tvOS 11?

Apple pushed out an update to tvOS with new features. Here’s everything that’s changed in tvOS 11!

If you’re in front of your television set right now, you can download the update to tvOS 11. There hasn’t been a whole lot of talk about the Apple TV operating system from Apple, but it turns out there are a few exciting new features

How to download tvOS 11 on your Apple TV

Automatic light and dark modes based on location

Apple added a feature that will automatically adjust the theme of Apple TV from light to dark mode, depending on the time of day it is in your area. You’ll have to enable Location Time Zone for it to work and the theme will change from light to dark at sunrise and sunset in your time zone.

Apple TV Remote in Control Center

If you’ve updated to iOS 11, you’ll also be able to customize Control Center with access to the Apple TV Remote so you can navigate and play content.

AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 will be useful for devices that support multi-room AirPlay connectivity….

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How to downgrade watchOS on your Apple Watch

How do you downgrade watchOS on your Apple Watch? You can’t.

If you update your Apple Watch to the latest software and decide you don’t like what you see, we’ve got some bad news: Once you update, there’s no turning back. Why? Allow us to explain.

Why your Apple Watch won’t let you downgrade its software

The Apple Watch is a unique piece of hardware in Apple’s product lineup. Because of its compact size, water and dust resistance, and overall design, it doesn’t feature any (consumer accessible) physical connectivity options. Apple Watch uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect and communicate with your iPhone. When you update watchOS on your Apple Watch, the device connects to your iPhone and downloads the software.

Without any physical connection options, there are limits on what you can and can’t do with the device in order to protect it from being accidentally bricked or otherwise corrupted. If an update or software installation fails on iPhone, you can plug the device into your co…

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How to turn your Apple Watch into a flashlight

In watchOS 4, your Apple Watch can become a wrist-based flashlight.

You may never need to turn your Apple Watch into a flashlight, but it’s nice to have a soft wrist-mounted light around now and again. In watchOS 4, you don’t even need an app to turn your watch’s screen into a full-press spotlight: It’s built right into the operating system! Here’s how to use it.

How to use your Apple Watch as a flashlight

Go to your Apple Watch’s watch face.
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to invoke Control Center.
Tap the Flashlight icon.

Your Apple Watch flashlight has three modes: White, flashing white, and red (for spaces where you need to see, but don’t want to call attention to yourself). To choose, swipe horizontally between them, then tap the option you’d like to use.

To dismiss the flashlight and return to the watch face, just drag down from the top bezel.


Any questions about using the Flashlight app on your Apple Watch? Let us know in the comment…

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What’s new in watchOS 4?

Welcome to the next evolution of Apple Watch.

watchOS 4 may not be a gigantic update for Apple Watch, but it brings a lot of smart additional functionality to Apple’s wearable. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that’s new and changed in watchOS 4.


New Apple Watch tips screen while your iPhone finishes setup/restore
Look and feel

New List view option for viewing apps
Bigger PIN pad for entering passcode on watch
Elimination of most page-based horizontal scrolling
Redesign of most apps to embrace iOS’s bold text and card-based structure
The Dock

All-new Dock vertical design and functionality
Dock can have either Favorites or Recents saved — not both
Sideways swipe to remove Dock apps
All Apps shortcut button at the bottom of the Dock
Control Center

New flashlight mode (solid white, flashing white, solid red)
New GPS indicator in top right (GPS-only)
Cellular indicator in top left and Cellular on/off button (GPS + Cellular only)

New redesigned not…

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How to update from a watchOS 4 beta to the official release

Switch from the beta program to the official release of watchOS 4!

watchOS 4 is finally available to the public and you don’t need need to have the beta software on your device any longer to take advantage of the great new features. If you want to ditch the beta GM of watchOS 4 and switch to the first public version, there’s a couple of extra steps you’ll need to complete before being able to download the official release.

Preparing your watch for watchOS 4
How to remove the beta profile from your Apple Watch
How to download watchOS 4

Preparing your watch for watchOS 4

You should never install a new operating system on any device without doing a few basic steps to ensure your data and personal information is as safe as possible. That’s right I’m talking about creating a backup.

Read: How to get ready for iOS 11 and watchOS 4

Things can always go wrong during download or installation of watchOS 4 and if you lose everything without saving all your data, you really only have your…

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Här är nyheterna i TV OS 11 – uppgradera din Apple TV nu

Bjuder bland annat på möjlighet att synkronisera flera hemskärmar och stöd för notiser.

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How to perform a clean install of watchOS 4

Want to do a clean installation of watchOS 4 to your Apple Watch? Here’s what you’ll need to do.

The release of watchOS 4 is upon us, and the time has come to decide: do you carry over your settings, or perform a clean install? If you’ve elected to go for the clean install, there are some steps you have to take to get ready for that.

Here’s what you need to do to cleanly install watchOS 4 on your Apple Watch.

Restore Apple Watch
Pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone
Download and install watchOS 4

Restore Apple Watch

The first thing you’ll need to perform a clean watchOS install is to restore your Apple Watch to its factory settings. This is easily done, just keep in mind that this process will unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

How to unpair and restore the Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone

You’ll need to re-pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone before you can install the latest version of watchOS. Just follow the standard instructions for pairing your A…

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What’s changed in iOS 11?

iOS 11 is available for download and installation. Here’s a rundown of the changes in the new operating system.

If you’re feeling a little confused about all the changes in iOS 11, stick with iMore. We’re regularly adding and updating our how-to guides with all the changes and what they mean. In the meantime, here’s Apple’s summary of the changes to iOS 11.

App Store

All-new App Store designed for discovering great apps and games everyday
New Today tab helps you discover new apps and games with stories, how-to guides, and more
New Games tab to find new games and see what’s most popular with top game charts
Dedicated Apps tab with top picks, dedicated app charts, and app categories
App pages include more video previews, Editors’ Choice badges, easier access to user ratings, and information about in-app purchases

New Siri voice is more natural and expressive
Translate English words and phrases into Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish (beta)
Siri suggestions based on yo…

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How to update from an iOS beta to the official release

So, you’ve been running a beta version of iOS and now you want out of the beta program? Here’s how to get back on track!

If you have been running a developer or public beta of iOS 11, you should automatically be updated to the public release when it’s available. If your iPhone or iPad is still set to continue updating beta versions, but you want to stick with the official version, you can remove your beta profile and go back to being a normal Joe. Here’s how.

Before you start

I’ve mentioned this a lot, but can’t stress it enough: Back up your iPhone before doing anything. A few extra minutes to secure your important data is worth the wait; you will regret losing your data if something goes wrong and you don’t have a backup.

How to back up your iPhone or iPad
How to update to iOS 11 over the beta release directly on your iPhone or iPad

If you’re ready to update iOS on your iPhone or iPad, you don’t even have to connect to a computer.

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iP…

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