How Useful is Apple Watch without Your iPhone?

As you know Apple Watch is a cool new wearable gadget from Apple. You may even own it or you may have used similar devices for Android.How useful is Apple Watch without an iPhone? As it turns out, Apple Watch is quite capable device on its own.Here’s a…

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Your iPhone May Reboot Because of an iOS Bug in the Messages App

Some users have reported iPhone restarts after receiving a certain text. It is still not confirmed but it seems there’s a bug that causes Messages to crash.The information has started circulating on Twitter and it seems that hundreds of iPhone users ar…

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You Can Damage Your Hair with iPhone 6

iPhone 6 problem saga continues with the latest ”-gate” being nothing more nothing less but a hairgate. Not easy to demonstrate as a bendgate, hairgate might actually be issue. But let’s first quickly overview the problem.According to a brief post at 9…

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Twitter for iOS has been updated

Official Twitter app for iOS has been updated to version 6.1, it brings us new options and featuresIt also introduces easier reply system in which you are allowed to reply with photos.New updated Twitter will remind you to do @mention of your friends s…

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Weather Forcast App Dark Sky gets new design and has been updated

For it’s exact weather forecast predictions, App Dark Sky has been one of the best apps for the iPhone. Updated app is full of new features such as 24-hour and next-week forecasts.

Previous Dark Sky App was impartially limited and was the product of  kickstarter campaign. It offered very accurate weather forecast but it didn’t supply any information of what might happen next hour.
Updated version 4.0 introduces  a new interface and a number of new features.

The Dark Sky team announces:
              In studying how people use weather apps (ours and others), it’s become clear that the next 24 hours is hugely important. So much so that we’ve devoted an entire screen to a full breakdown of what’s going to happen in the next day. You’ll get a quick text summary, plus a timeline of cloud cover, precipitation, and temperature. You can see the high and low temperatures, and when the sun will rise and set.

App also includes “feels like” feature, you can check weather the temperature is falling or rising, and how far away is nearest snow blower or rain .
The map and radar features are new too ,they let you explore weather pattens on 3-D and they have even more data than before, you can check it in the video:

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App Beweather for iPhone users is available in iPhone stores.

App BeWeather was released on January 17 in iPhone stores.   BeWeather is modern and visually amazing weather App, it supplies all the weather information you need.  This App is very useful  and is very easy to use.

App BeWeather  is extremely popular weather App for Black berry but finally it was released for iPhone users and it brought all the best features to iPhone such as: current conditions, temperature, daily & hourly forecasts, alerts and more. It looks amazing  from top to bottom.  It’s available not only in U.S. but in Canada and Europe too. If you want to upgrade to BeWeather Pro via an in-app purchase, you can do so for $2.99. This gives you even more data including up to the minute forecast data that you can access for all supported locations by just tapping on the hourly forecast. The pro version also includes things like push notifications for weather alerts in your area.
You can download BeWeather App free.

source: i more

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4 Tips For Choosing The Right iPhone Spy Software

The iPhone is the most popular next-generation’s top-lined smartphone with its fans growing in abundant numbers worldwide on a daily basis. The credit for the existence of the bond of love between the iPhone and its users owes to the enormous bundle of benefits and vast ocean of possibilities created by the intelligent iPhone. However, like everything has both pros and cons, the iPhone can also be used for the purposes of cheating, lying and sometimes; also for betraying.
Therefore, the market of technology researchers and developers have endowed us with a variety of
 iPhone spy software, of which the right one to choose is a bit challenging. However, there are certain tips and guidelines; which, if followed; can make you choose an iPhone spy software that will be able to best serve your purposes without knowing the target party or the concerned individual to come to know that the subject’s iPhone is under constant observation and careful monitoring:
1. Question Yourself: What Do I Need?
The first thing to realize is what you ’need’ or what you ’want’. This refers to the idea that the entire technology market is littered with a variety of options for the purchasing of the iPhone spy software and different spying software have different functionalities. For instance, you first need to identify that whether you want the incoming or the outgoing conversation of the suspect to be recorded; or do you want to record a track of picture, audio or the video content being transferred by the suspect. By identifying your need, you will be able to choose correctly the software of your choice.
2. Make The Program Installment Discreet And Disguised:
This is the cleverest part of the show where you need to show your tech savvy intellectual skills. This refers to the idea of disguising the installation of the spy software in the iPhone of the suspect by saving the software in the discreet manner. In this way, the spy software will become undetectable from the eye of the suspect and the suspect will never be able to know that it’s being monitored.
3. Know Of Cost-Constraints Well
The most important question of concern: what is your budget? This means that choosing from the variety of the available iPhone spy software means choosing the one that you can afford and which is within your budget constraints.
4. Find If Your iPhone Is Compatible with the Program:
If you have no cost constraints and you are a master of the best iPhone spy software that fulfills all your needs; then what might hinder your spying activity? This bone of obstacle is put forward by the compatibility factor that you need to check out at the very first instance before you go for actually investing into the purchase of the software. This means that you need to verify first that whether the program that you have chosen can be installed in the suspect’s iPhone model or not as different iPhone models have different specifications and whether a program is supported by a model or not; is always a question of concern.

Author: – This post is written by Katherine Switzer – a journalist, writer and an avid blogger. She keeps a great passion for blogging and has been doing for five years. Here areas of interest are smartphones, apps, internet, cyber infidelity and parenting. You may connect with her on Twitter @katherineswitzer

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Box for iOS offers 50GB of free Cloud Storage

Cloud storage company Box released updated iOS Apps with new features and looks yesterday.
Anyone who signs up for a personal account, cloud storage offers 10 GB of free storage. Despite that who downloads the new Box app company has decided to give  50GB of cloud storage .
The glad tidings of this app is that  when users get 50GB , they won’t lose it after a set period of time.
As the Box announced, app has new interface and it’s much faster than the previous versions. There’re more than 100 different file types. The new design is for both iPhone and iPad users.
Check out the all new app and experience:
Speed and simplicity
An entirely new simple intuitive user interface
Significantly faster document rendering
Progressive low- to high-resolution photo loading for fast scrolling and previewing
The best content experience
New preview capabilities for 100+ file types
High fidelity rendering of PowerPoint, PDFs, photos, videos and more
Convenient grid views
Full text search within documents
Enhanced productivity
New sidebar for featuring comments
Real-time search for files within your account
The ability to move, copy and delete multiple files at once
A redesigned Box OneCloud gallery of partner apps
Menu of recommended partner apps customized for each file

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