Combine your Live Photos and videos into shareable stories with Snapthread

Want to put your Live Photos to good use? Weave them together into delightful stories using Snapthreads.

If you’re a fan of capturing life’s best snippets with Live Photos but struggle to figure out what to do with them once you’ve collected them, you’re not alone. They look fantastic as wallpapers, of course, and they’re fun to look at and pretend you’re perusing a Harry Potter newspaper, but sharing them in a pleasant way is kind of tough — especially because they’re only about three seconds long. Enter Snapthreads. Originally started as a way to combine Snapchat videos, Snapthreads allows you to weave your Live Photos and videos into one cohesive little movie that’s perfect for sharing with friends and followers alike.

Snapthreads – $1.99 – Download now
Creator Becky Hansmeyer announced on her website earlier this week that version 1.5 of Snapthreads has officially launched, bringing with it a multitude of improvements that make it as easy as possible to compile your …

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A HomePod giveaway just in time for #ValentinesDay!? HOORAY!

Xoxo, iMore <3

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, and you know what’s better than chocolates or flowers that’ll die after a week-and-a-half? A brand new set of HomePods for you and your sweetie! All you have to do is show us how you groove!


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Get your maximum refund with TurboTax’s $65 Home & Business tax software

Got your W-2 ready?

The TurboTax Home & Business Tax Software 2017) is down to $64.86 on Amazon. That’s a drop from a street price around $80. Not only is this software $15 better than its average street price, it’s also $5 lower than any previous deals we’ve seen. We’ve shared a couple deals on TurboTax software in the past, but this is the first time it has dropped this low.

You can also get the TurboTax Premier software on sale for $54.86. That’s a drop from its street price of $70 and a match for its lowest ever.

This is a physical disc that will be mailed to you. It’s compatible with PC and Mac.

Because these are Amazon exclusives, they also come with a year subscription to Quicken Starter Edition 2018. Quicken is a famous piece of consumer-level accounting software. You could end up with an even bigger refund on your taxes next year if you use Quicken to track your money habits now.

The Home & Business software is ideal for the self-employed and business owners out…

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Best Nintendo Switch Cartridge Cases

Considering the size of Nintendo Switch game cards, it only seems like a matter of time before one slides into the couch and just disappears into the ethereal world of missing socks. Due to their diminutive size, my fear of misplacing or losing my game cards has driven me to look into effective methods of storing them. Rather than storing them in a burlap sack or wrapping them up in a hobo bindle, I looked into the various carrying cases that are available on the market. Here are some of the best cartridge cases based on several criteria.

Best licensed case
Best case with flare
Best low price small case

Best officially licensed case

If you are one of those Nintendo fans who exclusively prefers licensed products, then Hori has you covered. Hori manufactures accessories for just about every console under the sun including a huge line of officially licensed products for the Switch. This case will hold a total of 24 game cards in addition to the space it offers for the storage of m…

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Best Shock-resistant Hard Drives for Mac in 2018

Keep your data with you wherever you go and keep it safe from harm!

Sometimes it’s best not to store absolutely everything right on your Mac. For one, it clutters things up, and unless you’re willing to upgrade your SSD (which you can’t in the latest MacBook Pros), you’re gonna fill things up way too fast.

Grab one of these hard drives and know that your data is protected by a shock-resistant enclosure, so that you don’t have to worry about tossing it in a bag and going about your day.

Note: Always keep in mind that just because a hard drive is shock-resistant, that does not mean it is shock-proof. Shock-resistant hard drives can still die on impact.

CalDigit Tuff 2TB
LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C 2TB
Transcend StoreJet 2TB
G-Drive ev RaW SSD 1TB
CalDigit Tuff 2TB

CalDigit Tuff is PCMag’s top pick for best external hard drive and it’s little wonder it makes this list when it’s rated to be able to survive 4-foot drops. It’s also water-resistant (3 feet for up t…

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How to delete and recover pictures and videos in Photos for Mac

How do you delete a picture or video, bring it back, or make sure it’s gone for good? With Photos for Mac and iCloud!

Whether you’re trying to free up storage, battling duplicates, eliminating personal photos no one else ever needs to see, or just cutting out the bad shots, Photos for Mac makes it easy to delete single or multiple pictures or videos in a snap!

If you’re using iCloud Photo Library, anything you delete on your Mac will also be deleted on all your other iCloud Photo Library-enabled devices, including your iPhone and/or iPad. Deleted pictures and videos can be recovered for up to 30 days (unless you have zero storage space on your computer), or can be deleted immediately and forever. Here’s how!

How to delete pictures or videos in Photos for Mac
How to delete an entire Album in Photos for Mac
How to recover deleted pictures or videos in Photos for Mac
How to permanently delete pictures or videos in Photos for Mac

How to delete pictures or videos in Photos for Mac


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How to download, sign up, and get started with Snapchat

How does Snapchat work and how can you get started using it? Follow along and we’ll show you!

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks around. While it started off as a way to send quick, self-destructing picture and video messages, it now includes all sorts of storytelling features, and from some of the biggest stars and publications in the business.

It’s also… a little tough to figure out.

The navigation is heavily gesture based and features can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. That’s why we’ve made our complete Snapchat Guide, to walk you through every feature, step by step. Including how to download, sign up, and get started!

How to download Snapchat on iPhone
How to create a Snapchat account on iPhone
How to add Friends by scanning a Snapcode
How to add Friends manually

How to download Snapchat on iPhone

You can download Snapchat right from the App Store:

Free – Download now
If for any reason the link above doesn’t work:

Launch the App Store…

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Which Philips Hue Lights Work Best with New ’Entertainment’ Feature?

Philips recently revealed a new feature called Philips Hue Entertainment that creates an immersive Hue lighting experience when paired up with your media. Want to build a Hue Entertainment setup of your own? Here are the lights you should buy!

Philips Hue recently revealed a new feature that’s going to give you a truly immersive lighting experience. Called Philips Hue Entertainment, the new feature ties your entertainment system to the company’s colorful, dynamic lighting. Philips is partnering up with content producers in gaming and entertainment to create the new experience. Razer Chroma is the first of several partnerships — Philips says an app is on its way that’ll let you sync up your lighting with any content you’re watching on your Mac or PC.

In the meantime, you might as well start collecting some bulbs and accessories to add to your Hue setup! These bulbs work best with the Philips Hue Entertainment system.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance
Philips Hue LightStrip…

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How to use the HomePod with Apple Music

Apple Music is pretty much the whole reason the HomePod exists.

If you’re buying Apple’s HomePod, you likely have a vested interest in Apple Music. After all, it’s basically what HomePod was made for, and being able to play all of that goodness right on a compact speaker that fills your room with awesomeness is not a bad primary, baked-in feature to have.

Here’s how to enjoy 45 million songs on your new HomePod!

How to play music on your HomePod

You’ll pair an iPhone when you initially set up your HomePod. After that, your HomePod will pull your Apple Music library directly from the cloud, and you’ll be able to search for music, add songs to playlists, and more.

Say ”Hey, Siri, play some music”. Siri will just start playing tunes from your Apple Music library.
Say ”Hey, Siri, play some rock” and Siri will start playing rock music from an Apple Music radio station.
Say ”Hey, Siri, play rock music from my library” and Siri will only play rock tunes from your music.
Say ”Hey, Sir…

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Höga förväntningar inför Apples kvartalsrapport

Den amerikanska elektronikjätten väntas presentera sitt bästa resultat någonsin.

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