Did the Solar Panels Cause Apple Fire?

According to ABC15 there was a fire at an Apple facility in Mesa on Tuesday morning. The fire which started around 11:30 AM was quickly extinguished by the firefighter crews from from Mesa, Gilbert and Superstition Fire and no injuries have been report…

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Apple Security Fix Coming Very Soon

Apple has finally confirmed that a fix to the security problem found earlier in OS X will be coming ”very soon”. While we still don’t know how much time is implied under ”very soon”, one thing is for sure that the programmers at Apple are doing their b…

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Apple Suppliers Do Not Use Unethically Sourced Tantalum

According to the 2014 Supplier Responsibility Report issued by Apple yesterday, Apple’s suppliers do not use unethically sourced tantalum. The report is based on the audit done by third-party auditors.This means that the materials used to build your fa…

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How to Customize iOS 7 with Springtomize 3: Latest News

The wait is over! Springtomize 3, one of the most popular and keenly awaited jailbreak tweaks has been released earlier this week. It’s the perfect solution to customize your iOS 7 and now available on Cydia. Springtomize 3 lets you customize almost anything in iOS without any trouble. That’s why it’s called the mother of all jailbreak tweaks.
Springtomize allows you customize
  • Animations
  • App Slider
  • Control Center
  • Dock
  • Folders
  • Icons
  • Lock Screen
  • Pages


This section allows you customize the duration of animations by enabling Custom Speed Toggle.
Springtomize > Animations

App Slider

This feature of Springtomize lets you customize the app switcher or multitasking tray:

  • Hide the icon
  • Resize app switcher pages
  • Modify the Home action to Respring

Control Center:

You can hide Control Center sections such as Quick Launch, Brightness, media controls, Airdrop and Settings along with hiding the line separator


  • The Dock feature gives you plenty of customization options
  • You can hide the iPhone dock
  • You can make the background of dock transparent
  • And you can also change the size of icons in the iPhone dock for getting more on the dock
  • This feature allows you to add the cover flow effect to your dock


  • Springtomize lets you modify iOS folders in a plenty of ways
  • Enables nested folders and the pinch to close gestures for folders
  • Enables you make the background of folders transparent
  • You can give the Cover flow effect to the applications in the folder
  • You can change the animation speed, the size of the icon and layout of icons on Home screen gives you the option to increase the numbers of rows and columns


It enables you

Lock the layout, hide badges, Newsstand and various other icons from Home screen; disable wiggling animation, uninstall option to stop them from being unintentionally uninstalled.

Lock Screen:

With the help of Springtomize 3, you can customize the lock screen and many other things like

  • You can hide the grabber for the camera app
  •  It lets you modify font size, the effect of the time and date displayed on the Home screen


It also allows you change the pages of the Home screen in many ways like

  •  You can remove the dots that appear just above the dock
  •   Disable spotlight and change the size and layout of icons on the Home screen
  •   Make Cover flow effect and hide labels


    Status Bar:

    You can change the Carrier logo and replace the time displayed with a custom string. Moreover, you can

    hide all the status bar by tapping on the toggles with on/off option.

    Once you are done with the changes, Springtomize will prompt you to make all the above changes in the Status bar.
    You can get Springtomize 3 on Cydia by spending $3 and if you’ve already purchased, you can upgrade to the latest one. iPhone5S users may face some troubles on the new Springtomize 3 and I’d suggest them wait for a while until the issue is resolved. 

    About the Author:  – Katherine Switzer is a technology loving writer and an avid blogger. She loves to write reviews on Smartphones, parental control software, iPhone spy appsand cover latest trending topics as a hobby. You may follow her on Twitter @kathrineswitzer

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    Twitter for iOS has been updated

    Official Twitter app for iOS has been updated to version 6.1, it brings us new options and featuresIt also introduces easier reply system in which you are allowed to reply with photos.New updated Twitter will remind you to do @mention of your friends s…

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    Apples’s Financial Results For The First Quarter of 2014

    On Monday Apple announced financial results for the first quarter of 2014. It appears to be the strongest ever quarterly earnings.
    We mention that the company’s financial year begins in October, accordingly the first quarter ended in January and we have an opportunity to learn about financial results, so :
    Financial Highlights:
    . Income – 57 billion dollars( in the same period last year – 54 billion dollars)
    . Net Income – 13 billion dollars (in the same period last year – 13 billion dollars)
    . Profit Share – 14 dollars( last year – 13 dollars)
    . Funds – nearly 159 billion dollars
    In this infographic we have  changes of revenue and net profit from fourth quarter of 2011 including fourth quarter of 2013 year.

    Sales Amount :
    . iPhone – 51 million devices (in 2013 – 47 million devices)
    . iPad – 26 million devices (in 2013 – 22 million devices)
    . Mac -4,8  million devices (in 2013 -4.1 millions of devices)
    . iPod -6 million devices( in 2013 – 12 million devices)
    Apple’s profit grows from each sold iPhone and iPad :
    Plural dynamics of iPhone Ipad and Mac in the past three years:

    Apple Store:
    .Revenue from Apple Store – a billion dollars
    .114 million users visited Apple’s stores in one quarter
    .Apple’s store is serving 21 thousand costumers every week

    As expected in all respects the first quarter appeared strongest ever quarterly earnings.

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    Weather Forcast App Dark Sky gets new design and has been updated

    For it’s exact weather forecast predictions, App Dark Sky has been one of the best apps for the iPhone. Updated app is full of new features such as 24-hour and next-week forecasts.

    Previous Dark Sky App was impartially limited and was the product of  kickstarter campaign. It offered very accurate weather forecast but it didn’t supply any information of what might happen next hour.
    Updated version 4.0 introduces  a new interface and a number of new features.

    The Dark Sky team announces:
                  In studying how people use weather apps (ours and others), it’s become clear that the next 24 hours is hugely important. So much so that we’ve devoted an entire screen to a full breakdown of what’s going to happen in the next day. You’ll get a quick text summary, plus a timeline of cloud cover, precipitation, and temperature. You can see the high and low temperatures, and when the sun will rise and set.

    App also includes “feels like” feature, you can check weather the temperature is falling or rising, and how far away is nearest snow blower or rain .
    The map and radar features are new too ,they let you explore weather pattens on 3-D and they have even more data than before, you can check it in the video:

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    30th Anniversary of Macintosh

    Today Apples computer Macintosh turned 30. It’s unbelievable but it’s almost 30 years since Steve jobs showed  the world his amazing computer. He introduced the Macintosh 128K on January 24, 1984.
    This was the first market personal computer with graphical interface and mouse.
    The principle of Macintosh’s first computer was amazingly simple.

    History of Macintosh comes from 1979, when Jef Raskin started the Macintosh project for Apple.  He wanted to create simple and cheap computer. But lately in 1981 Jef was replaced by Steve Jobs.  he joined the Macintosh project
    For that time  Macintosh featured a faster Motorola 68000 processor and sound.
    In conclusion on January 24 1984 Apple introduced Macintosh. Price wasn’t as cheap as they expected (2495$), but the main fact is that Macintosh managed to penatrate into IBM world.
    For the celebration of 30th Anniversary Jonathan Zufi  has created a new website that includes photos of Macintosh computers from the beginning .
    ”To celebrate Mac’s 30th birthday, I’ve created this micro site for all the world to enjoy. In 2009, I started taking photos of every Apple product ever made since 1976. Then I turned them into a really big photo site. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and I hope that the Macintosh’s anniversary brings your happy memories of your own experience with Apple.”

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    A Snowblower Shattered 5th Avenue Apples store’s Iconic Glass Cube

    A snowstorm which pounded the city on Tuesday was so strong that it managed to shatter 5th avenue Apples store’s Iconic Glass Cube.
    As announced by the Apple the glass apparently shattered when a snowstorm hit the cube in the afternoon The structure was renovated at a cost of $6.7 million in 2011, this means that repairing(replacing)  the glass definitely won’t be cheap, one could cost as much as $440,000.
    Apple have confirmed that despite the damage the store will remain open , and they didn’t mention when the shattered glass will be replaced.
    A few photos of shattered Iconic Glass Cube were posted on Instagram and Twitter by the users, here are some:

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    Apple has released iOS 7.1 beta 4

    Apple has released iOS 7.1 beta 4 to developers. Registered iOS developers can download it from the Developer Center or over the air on a device with a previous beta installed. To install over the air, simply go to Settings > General > Software U…

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