Mobile Nations Weekly: Anniversary Update

BlackBerry’s newest phone is a new approach and Microsoft ramps up for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Microsoft is updating in a big way — the week past brought a huge update for the Xbox One and the week ahead will be bringing the huge Windows 10 Anniversary Update to PCs. The Xbox update brings the console’s feature set even closer to that of core Windows, including the addition of Windows 10 app support and Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana.

BlackBerry’s seond Android phone is here, and it’s a mouthful: the BlackBerry DTEK50. Billed as the ”world’s most secure smartphone”, the DTEK50 is actually a re-badge of the Alcatel Idol 4 — made by BlackBerry contractor and Alcatel owner TCL.

Apple’s earnings report landed, and as expected, they made several buckets worth of money. And in an interesting twist, an Apple veteran is back to take over their not-so-secret car project.

There’s all of that and so much more — like a VR roller coaster inside a real-life amusement pa…

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Här är veckans viktigaste Apple-nyheter (v.30)

Det här har hänt de senaste sju dagarna i Applevärlden.

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Grab this iPhone 6s case and holster combo for just $3.95 today!

Prefer to keep your iPhone 6s protected while you are using it and moving around with it? If so, Amzer’s Shellster may be the perfect combo for you. It comes with a hard case to protect the phone, and a secure holster for you hip, and you can grab it all for just $3.95 today!

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How to change your Pokémon Go trainer avatar!

How do you change the way your trainer looks in Pokémon Go? With the new re-customization feature!

Pokémon Go, the incredibly popular location hunting game, has been update to allow you to ”re-customize” the way your trainer looks. Where once you were stuck with your very first attempt at style, now you can go back and change up your look whenever the mood strikes you. Here’s how!

How to change the way your Pokemon Go trainer looks

Launch Pokemon Go from your Home screen.
Tap on the trainer button at the bottom left.
Tap on the menu (looks like ’☰’) button at the bottom right.
Tap on the customize button (next to the t-shirt icon) at the bottom right.

Change the skin tone, hair, eyes, cap, shirt, pants, shoes, and anything else you like.
Tap on the done button (looks like a checkmark) at the bottom right.
Tap on Yes to confirm.
Tap on the Close button (looks like an ’X’) to get back to the game.

There still aren’t a ton of options, but at least you aren’t stuck with the f…

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What’s on your MacBook Pro wish-list?

If Apple asked you what you wanted in the next-generation MacBook Pro, what would you tell them?

All-new MacBooks Pro are rumored to be on their way as soon as September, along with a bevy of new and interesting features. Once Apple announces them, though, all we’ll be able to talk about is the reality. Right now, right before they’re announced, we still have time to dream. It’s been over a year since the last spec bump, two years since the advent of Force Touch trackpads, and… longer still since the last redesign. If Apple asked you, right now, today, what you’d want for the next update, what would you tell them?

Sleeker and lighter, like the new MacBook.
Bulkier and heavier, for longer battery life.
Return of the 17-inch display size.
USB-C ports.
Built-in LTE networking.
Water/spill resistance.
More clickety-clackety keyboard.
Touch ID sensor.
Better mics for ”Hey, Siri!”
OLED function strip above the keyboard.
Space gray, gold, and rose gold color options.
More better discree…

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Nobelpristagare anklagar Apple för bedrägeri

Joseph Stiglitz kritiserar elektronikjättens skatteavtal med Irland.

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Ny video visar Apples lightning-hörlurar

Ser precis ut som dagens Earpods, fast med en annan kontakt.

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Save $9 on this iPhone 6s Plus sports armband today!

Do you find yourself wishing there was an easier way to take your iPhone 6s Plus with you when you go out for a run or bike ride? Amzer’s Shellster sports armband is a great option for keeping the phone out of your hand and protected on the go. Right now you can pick one up for a $9 savings, making it just $10.95.

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Pokémon Go master getting free global trip to catch ’em all

Nick Johnson, the first person to catch all 142 known Pokémon in America in Pokémon Go, is getting a free trip around the world to complete his collection. The trip, sponsored by Expedia and Marriott Rewards, will see Johnson head to locations such as Paris, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

From Business Insider:

First, Johnson and his girlfriend will fly to Paris on Friday evening, with flights covered by Expedia, to catch Europe’s exclusive Mr. Mime. A day later, they’ll take off for Hong Kong in search of Farfetch’d, and then a day after that it’s off to Sydney for two days to catch Australia’s Kangaskhan.

Johnson says that he won’t be using Pokémon Go mapping apps to help him find each remaining creature. He’ll instead rely on each city’s Pokémon Go player community. If you want to follow along, Johnson will be writing up his experiences in each city for Expedia’s Viewfinder blog, while also posting updates to Twitter and Snapchat.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go beginner’s guid…

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SwiftKey is ’working quickly’ to address bug that causes predictions to show for the wrong account

The mobile keyboard app company SwiftKey says that it is ”working quickly” to fix an issue that was causing some users to see phones numbers and email addresses from strangers.

Earlier this week, online reports posted on Reddit and elsewhere stated that unknown email addresses and phone numbers were showing up in some users’ SwiftKey predictions. The company, which was acquired by Microsoft a few months ago, has now addressed those reports in a blog post:

This week, a few of our customers noticed unexpected predictions where unfamiliar terms, and in some rare cases emails, appeared when using their mobile phone. We are working quickly to resolve this inconvenience. While this did not pose a security issue for our customers, we have turned off the cloud sync service and are updating our applications to remove email address predictions. During this time, it will not be possible to back up your SwiftKey language model.

The vast majority of SwiftKey users are not affected by …

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