Secret Mail shortcuts: Twelve gestures to peed up your iPhone email!

Apple’s Mail app for iPhone has a ton of features you can invoke at a tap or swipe! Mail is both simple and accessible to first time iOS users and powerful enough for pros. If you play around with it for a while, you’ll discover a bunch of gesture shortcuts that can really speed up and expand your workflow. Add attachments You can attach files to your mail messages by touching and holding to bring up the edit menu. Once it appears, tap the right arrow to get more options, then tap Add Attachment. You’ll default into iCloud Drive, but if you tap Locations at the top right, you can access files from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or any document provider. Pull to search Just like on the Home screen where you can touch and pull down to access Spotlight search, you can touch and pull down from any mailbox to bring up search for mail. Start typing and Mail will show you any messages that match. Pull to refresh Pull-to-refresh, originally created by Loren Brichter fo…

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Apple Watch Edition will reportedly be stored in special safes inside Apple Stores

The gold version of the upcoming Apple Watch could be stored in safes installed inside Apple Retail Store. 9to5Mac: The safes will likely be used to carry both to-be-sold inventory as well as to store demo units from the show floor overnight. The cus…

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How to watch the 2015 NFL Super Bowl XLIX for free on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Super Bowl XLIX kicks off on February 1, 2015 at 3:30pm PT, 6:30pm ET. If you don’t have tickets and aren’t there to watch it in person, the next best thing is to watch it on as large a TV set as you can find, with as many friends, beverages, and snacks as possible. If you can’t get home, to a friends, or to a sports bar, however, there are several ways you can watch on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac — or on your Apple TV via AirPlay. Thanks to rights and exclusivity agreements, it varies by region and even by carrier, but here are your options!

In the U.S.

The National Broadcast Company — NBC — will be streaming Super Bowl XLIX for free via their iPad app and website. For anyone with an iPad or Mac in America, or any Americans traveling but still on a U.S.-based VPN, those are your go-to game options.

  • Free for iPad – NBC Sports Live Extra app – Download now
  • Free for Mac – NBC Sports Live Extra site – Visit now

If you’re a Verizon customer, you can also stream Super Bowl XLIX via the NFL mobile app, provided you plan supports it. (And it wonder why we dislike you so much, carriers!)

  • Free with some Verizon plans – NFL Mobile — Download now

Outside the U.S.

If you’re not in America, you still have several options for getting access to Super Bowl XLIX. Not all of them, however, are free.

  • You can buy the NFL Gamepass.
  • If you’re in Canada, and have a cable subscription, you can watch via on your Mac.
  • If you’re in the U.K., you can watch via on your Mac or Sky Go on Mac or Sky Now for iOS.

If you know of other places and ways to watch, please add them in the comments!

Super Bowl commercials

If your favorite part of the game is the commercials that go between the plays, or if you live outside the U.S. and can’t get the blockbuster spots, you can catch up with them for free on YouTube.

How will you be watching the Super Bowl?

I’ll be watching the Super Bowl gathered around a TV or projector with friends, good drinks, terrible food, and a whole lot of fun. No matter where you are, let me know — where will you be watching and who will you be watching with?

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MacIT conference puts out call for speakers

Out of the ashes of Macworld Expo rises MacIT, which is set to happen this July in Santa Clara, Calif. MacIT has actually been part of the Macworld Expo conference curriculum for the last several years, but now it’s getting a chance to shine on its ow…

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These iPhone 6 bumper cases are on sale today for the super-low price of $5.95

Made from a glossy and matte double molded polycarbonate, this durable frame conforms perfectly around the iPhone 6 to provide casual protection against minor drops. The bumper even slightly elevates the phone from flat surfaces, keeping it safe from …

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Sundance-hit filmades med Iphone

Filmfestivalen Sundance pågår för fullt, och en av de mest populära filmerna – Tangerine – spelades in helt och hållet med en Iphone 5s.

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The world seems to be ending in Mophie’s first Super Bowl ad

Smartphone battery case company Mophie has decided to join the Super Bowl TV commercial train for the first time this year, and they have already posted their 30-second commercial online. The ad shows the entire world on the brink of destruction. The…

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Comic: Blue Screen Dearest

Happy Saturday, iMore! Because Rich is awesome, he’s letting us run some of his Mac-themed comics from the Diesel Sweeties archive on weekends. Bonus comics, woo! We hope you enjoy. Read more comics from the Pixel Project on

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Get your free Mac games!

Ric Molina over at MacGamerHQ has rounded up his list for the 10 best free Mac games you can play right now: Looking for the best free Mac games? It doesn’t matter if you’re broke or you just love free stuff (who doesn’t), Mac gaming has plenty of qu…

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Apple Watch börjar synas

Tim Cook har meddelat att Apple Watch ska släppas i april, och nu börjar rapporter om hur klockan har setts ”i det vilda” rulla in.

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