Thousands of games have released on Nintendo Switch, here they all are!

Nintendo Switch has tons of awesome games available right now! Plus, there are dozens more in the pipeline. Here is every Switch game.

When the Nintendo Switch first launched, there were fewer than a dozen titles available for sale. But, as time goes by, and as game makers realize the popularity of Nintendo’s hybrid mobile console, more and more titles are being added to the list all of the time. This list has every Switch game, in digital and game card form, as well as games that are officially coming to Switch sometime in the future. If you’re interested, we also have a list of the best Nintendo Switch games of all time.

What’s new? New games released and announced games coming soon

Here’s where you’ll find everything new that is either now available in the Switch eShop or as a physical game card, as well as games that have recently been announced as coming to the Switch.

New physical game cartridges you can buy right now!

Empire of Sin – December 1 – $40

Physical game cart…

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Move from PC to Mac without leaving your data behind

If you’ve just bought your first Mac and you’re switching from a Windows PC, congratulations!

Welcome to the fold. You’re anxious to use your Mac, but you’ve amassed years of data on that PC. Switching platforms doesn’t mean starting over: You can still use those old files. Apple makes it easy with a free utility called Windows Migration Assistant. Here’s how to transfer data from PC to Mac using the Windows Migration Assistant from Apple.

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What is Migration Assistant, and how do I get it?
What you need before you transfer data from PC to Mac
How to transfer data from PC to Mac

What is Migration Assistant, and how do I get it?

Migration Assistant is a utility Apple includes in the Utilities folder of every Mac. You’ll see it when you first start up your Mac when your Mac asks you if you want to transfer data over from another Mac, a Time Machine backup, or a PC. Apple makes the app freely available for download for transferring to your Mac. You’ll need specific sof…

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Apple’s all-new iPad Air is back on sale at Amazon after Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales represent the best opportunity to save on Apple gear all. While the Apple deals were flowing all weekend, you don’t have to worry if you missed out on iPad deals as Amazon is giving you one more chance to score the new iPad Air at its best price today.

Down to $559 for the rose gold 64GB model, this is a match for the lowest we’ve ever seen it go at $40 off. Some other colors are also on sale at $30 off. Walmart has similar deals.

There’s no risk that you’ll confuse the previous-gen iPad Air with the 2020 model even at a glance. The new model features a dramatically redesigned chassis, taking its design cues from the current iPad Pro, with flat edges and an edge-to-edge display with rounded corners. Thanks to the redesign, the display size has also been upped from 10.5 inches to 10.9 inches.

In adopting the iPad Pro design language, the iPad Air has also ditched the home button that has been present on Air models since 2013. Instead of Face ID i…

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Benchmarks show M1 runs Windows 10 faster than Surface Pro X

”Windows on an M1 got a single-core score of 1,288 and multi-core score of 5,685 whereas the Surface Pro X’s scores were roughly 800 and 3,000 in those respective benchmarks.”

What you need to know

An AWS engineer has run Windows 10 on Apple’s M1 chip using virtualization software.
Benchmarks reveal that Apple’s M1 chip blows the Surface Pro X out of the water when it comes to performance.

An AWS Engineer has run Windows 10 on Apple’s M1 Chip using virtualization software, absolutely destroying the Surface Pro X’s benchmarks in the process.

As we reported last week:

While it is currently not officially supported by Microsoft, a developer has successfully virtualized the ARM version of Windows on an Apple silicon-based Mac. As reported by The 8-Bit, Alexandar Graf posted on Twitter that he was able to accomplish the feat using the QEMU virtualizer.

Now, benchmarks posted on Thanksgiving weekend show that the benchmarks of the Apple M1 whilst running Windows, and the resul…

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New to Nintendo Switch? Here’s a beginners guide to help

From box to fun, this guide will get you there.

Congratulations! You’ve got a new Nintendo Switch. So what now? Well, let us help you set it up! The Nintendo Switch is a pretty unique console, and it allows you to play a variety of different ways to accommodate any situation. As such, we wouldn’t blame even the savviest of techies for needing a bit of help after taking it out of the box for the first time.

That’s why we’ve compiled all of our help and how-to articles that will help you get up and running on your Nintendo Switch after you’ve taken it out of the box. From the first setup to playing your favorite games, let us show you just how easy it is to get going.

How to set up and start using your Nintendo Switch

How to setup your Nintendo Switch
Getting Started
Parental Controls
Best Games

How to set up your Nintendo Switch

Don’t waste too much time after you’ve taken the Nintendo Switch from its box — we need as much time as …

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Apple sued in Spain, Belgium over ’batterygate’ by EU consumer group

”Consumers are increasingly upset by products wearing out too quickly, the iPhone 6 models being a very concrete example of that”

What you need to know

An EU consumer group has filed lawsuits against Apple in Spain and Belgium over batterygate.
The suits allege that measures included in iOS by Apple to limit performance in order to preserve battery amount to ’planned obsolescence.’

A group of EU consumers has filed class-action lawsuits against Apple in both Spain and Belgium over the iPhone slowdown scandal, more commonly known as ’batterygate’.

In a press release Wednesday the group stated:

Euroconsumers, the world’s leading consumer cluster organization, today announced it has filed two class-action lawsuits against Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) over the planned obsolescence of Apple iPhones. The lawsuits cover owners of iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus and alleges Apple engaged in unfair and misleading commercial practices. The lawsuits ask for compensation of on average at…

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England Apple stores reopen as new tier system comes into force

Customers can finally go in for their iPhone Upgrade Program appointments.

What you need to know

Apple stores in England have reopened as the country moves into a new tier system of COVID-19 restrictions.
Stores in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales remain open but are only accepting customers by appointment.

Apple has reopened stores in England Wednesday as the country moves into a new tier system of coronavirus restrictions, following four weeks of national lockdown.

Stores were closed throughout England on November 5 as part of a second national lockdown in the country designed to quash the coronavirus pandemic. Today, Wednesday, December 2, those stores have reopened.

All 32 stores in the country have reopened, and are open to customers for appointments, and seemingly walk-in shopping too. By contrast, stores in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are open but are only accepting customers on an appointment basis. From Apple’s website:

We’re currently open for cli…

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Åtgärdad IOS-sårbarhet lät säkerhetsforskare ta över Iphone med wifi

Ian Beer på Googles Project Zero har på egen hand upptäckt och lyckats utnyttja en bugg i IOS som gjorde det möjligt att helt ta över systemet via wifi.

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New MacBook Pros, 2022 MacBook Air a huge boost to Apple mini-LED prospects

Kuo has upped predictions for shipments by 350% for next year.

What you need to know

Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has significantly revised predictions for Apple mini-LED shipments over the next two years.
He now says Apple could ship up to 12 million devices next year, and 28 million the year after, thanks in part to two new mini-LED MacBook Pro models, and a 2022 MacBook Air.

Renowned supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has significantly revised previous predictions about Apple’s mini-LED prospects over the next two years, stating the company will sell up to 450% more devices than previously estimated.

In a research note seen by iMore, Kuo says that he has increased shipment predictions for mini-LED devices in 2021 and 2022 by 350% and 450% respectively. Previously, Kuo had forecast shipments of 2-3 million units and 4-5 million units respectively over the next two years. However, citing the cost improvement for mini-LED tech being better than expected, and the use of min…

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Missed Cyber Monday’s AirPods Pro deals? Save $80 with a refurb set today

Apple’s AirPods Pro were a hot ticket item over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, though many of the best AirPods deals expired, went on back-order, or just straight sold out pretty quickly.

If you missed out on AirPods Pro this time, Best Buy is giving one more chance to snag a set at a discount. Today only, it is discounting Geek Squad certified refurbished AirPods Pro to just $169.99. That’s $80 off their $250 retail price and the best offer available right now. If you want a brand new set, your best options come from Best Buy and B&H where they are going for $220 currently.

The AirPods Pro feature active noise cancellation to block out the ambient and background sounds around you so you can focus on your music, calls, or whatever’s playing in your ears at the time. There’s also a transparency mode which allows you to filter back in all those sounds in case you do need to hear what’s around you for a moment.

Another major upgrade that the AirPods Pro have over the …

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