HomePod update opens Siri Shortcuts to all

With iOS 13.2 released this week and the iOS 13.2.1 update for HomePod following soon after, Apple has added multi-user voice recognition support for their smart speaker.

Now that HomePod can be linked with your account and given approval to understand who’s speaking, Apple has now enabled access to Personal Requests for every member of a home – and with it, support for each person running their own Siri Shortcuts.

Personal Requests expand to every user

Previously, the ”Personal Requests” feature for HomePod enabled only one user to ask Siri about private information like their own reminders, calendar events, or messages – or, to trigger custom Siri Shortcuts they’ve set up in the Shortcuts app.

With this update, Personal Requests is expanded to each user who is added to a Home in the Home app and accepts voice recognition from the HomePod. That means each person can ask for their own reminders, calendar events, messages, or shortcuts, and Siri will respond with ”Ok…

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The president’s cybersecurity advisor locked himself out of his iPhone

Even people in powerful security positions forget their password every once in a while.

NBC News is reporting that shortly after Rudy Giuliani was named Donald Trump’s cybersecurity advisor in 2017, he took his iPhone to an Apple Store because he had forgotten his passcode, and after 10 failed attempts, was ultimately locked out of his iPhone.


We’ve all been there. You let your S.O. unlock your phone but now you’re getting sext messages sliding up in your DMs from your co-worker so you have to change that passcode, post haste. But then, the very next day, you forget what that new one is, so you just start typing in every passcode you’ve ever come up with for as long as you can remember and then … crap. Locked out.

NBC News provides a photo of the technician ticket, which shows Giuliani’s name (which really doesn’t prove that it was actually Giuliani) and a description of the problem and solution.

Customer came in with an iPhone that had a forgotten passcode and the …

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Here’s how to get the best stuff in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Want to find a bunch of money and take ghosts down quickly? Here are a few pointers to help.

At its core, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a puzzle game. To get the best treasures and find all of the hidden items, you’re going to need to use all of the tricks up your sleeve. Anyone who’s played previous Luigi’s Mansion games will notice that it uses many of the same mechanics we’ve seen before while elaborating upon them. While this isn’t the hardest game out there, it can be tricky defeating ghosts in the quickest way possible or finding all of the goodies hidden in each level. Here are some tips for making your way through the haunted hotel.

I see dead people

Luigi’s Mansion 3

$60 at Amazon

Defeat ghosts as you search for your friends

The newest game in the Luigi’s Mansion series has you playing once again as the scared plumber. But this time, you’ll be exploring a haunted hotel, using new fighting elements, and have the help of a gooey doppelganger. You can even play the main story wi…

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The Mac Pro will come with new, multicolored Magic accessories

Mac Pro accessories are getting a new paint job.

What you need to know

Magic accessories for the Mac Pro will come in new color combinations
The Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad are pictured in a new silver/black combo.
There are no details as to whether these accessories will be available to purchase individually at launch.
The Mac Pro is still incoming and supposed to ship sometime this fall (which gives it until December 21st if anyone is counting). While we are all still waiting for its arrival, details of the new desktop continue to make its way out. Reported by 9to5Mac and noticed by Steve Troughton-Smith, the new Mac Pro will have some new color combinations available in its Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad accessories.

I somehow missed the fact that the new Mac Pro has a line of silver and black accessories instead of the Space Gray of the iMac Pro pic.twitter.com/i8GkDv8Kut— Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) October 31, 2019

The new Magic Keyboards picture…

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Pokémon Go Announces Cobalion as next Legendary Raid Boss

What you need to know

One hour after an enigmatic tweet suggested the Swords of Justice were coming to Pokémon Go, Cobalion was named as the next Legendary Raid Boss.
From November 4 to November 26, players will be able to challenge the leader of the Swords of Justice
The announcement says two of the other Swords of Justice will be coming soon.
Just one hour after hinting that the Legendary Pokémon known as the Swords of Justice would be coming to Pokémon Go soon, Niantic announced that the leader of these Legendary Pokémon, Cobalion would be coming to Legendary Raids starting on November 4, 2019 at 1 PM. Based loosely on the Three Muskateers, Cobalion is a Steel and Fighting type who represents Athos, the oldest and de facto leader of the group. The other three members of the group are Terrakion (a Rock and Fighting type) representing Porthos, the strongest member of the group, Virizion (a Grass and Fighting type) representing Aramis, the feminine and ro…

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Should you get Apple Arcade or GameClub? Honestly, why not both?

Apple Arcade and GameClub may look similar on the surface, but one focuses on new games and the other on classics. You could settle for one, but honestly, why not both?

It seems that gaming subscription services are all the rage these days. We have Apple with their own Apple Arcade that launched back in September 2019 and now GameClub, which launched earlier this month. Both of these cost $4.99 a month, though Apple Arcade includes Family Sharing since it’s Apple’s own service, whereas GameClub is a third-party service.

On the surface, both of these seem like the same thing, but there’s one big difference: Apple Arcade is made for new releases, while GameClub is resurrecting classic, legacy games that helped shape the App Store.

So which one of these gaming subscription services is worth getting? Or do they complement each other? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is Apple’s gaming subscription service that costs $4.99 a month for unlimited access to …

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Pokémon Go: Enigmatic tweet hints at Swords of Justice

What you need to know

The Pokémon Go Twitter account sent out an enigmatic tweet that hints at the Swords of Justice being brought to Pokémon Go.
A quartet of Legendary Pokémon, also known as the Legendary Muskateers, the Swords of Justice are from Gen 5.
Many speculate they will be the next Research Breakthrough Reward or perhaps the next Legendary Raid Bosses.
The official Pokémon Go Twitter account just posted an enigmatic tweet of only two emoji: a pair of crossed swords and the scales of justice. This tweet has many fans excited as it strongly suggests that Pokémon Go will soon feature a quartet of Legendary Pokémon known as the Swords of Justice. Based loosely on the Three Muskateers they consist of Cobalion (a Steel and Fighting type) representing Athos, the oldest and de facto leader of the group, Terrakion (a Rock and Fighting type) representing Porthos, the strongest member of the group, Virizion (a Grass and Fighting type) represe…

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Latest changes to Pokémon Go Eggs examined and explained!

Which Pokémon can you hatch from 10 KM, 7 KM, 5 KM, and 2 KM Eggs? And what are the odds of hatching them? Here’s the answer!

Pokémon Go isn’t just about catching — hatching is a big part of the game as well. You get Pokémon Go eggs from spinning Pokéstops and from friend Gifts, incubate them, walk them for 2 KM, 5 KM, 7 KM, or 10 KM, and then hatch Pokémon from the common to the hyper-rare. Which Pokémon are in which Pokémon Eggs? And what’s the best — read: fastest! — way to hatch them? Here’s the updated list along with some tips and tricks — and maybe a cheat or two!

What kind of Pokémon Eggs are there in Pokémon Go?

Aside from the very different Lucky Eggs, available in the Shop, there are six kinds of Pokémon Eggs in Pokémon Go:

2 KM Eggs with green spots.
5 KM Eggs (standard) with yellow spots.
5 KM Eggs* (Weekly Fitness 25 KM) with purple spots.
7 KM Eggs that are yellow w…

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These spooky apps will help you get into the Halloween spirit

Halloween is just around the corner. Get into the spirit with these haunting apps!

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit with spooky apps, check out these great titles. They’ll put you in the mood for tricks and treats!

Zombies Run!
It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself
Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle
Into the Dead 2
Plants vs. Zombies 2

Zombies Run!

What better way to motivate yourself to get out there and run than if a zombie is chasing you? Zombies Run! takes that idea and … runs with it (pun intended). The story starts with a helicopter crash and a city full of zombies. In order to get away, you’ve got to run to the next checkpoint. While your outside, moving around, the story unfolds. When you reach a distance checkpoint, you’ll hear a new piece of the story. You’ll be able to track down hidden first aid kits, cell phones, and even people that need your help. Get into the Halloween spirit first thing in the morni…

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Check out Resident Evil Triple Pack for Nintendo Switch today!

Nintendo Switch has tons of awesome games available right now! Plus, there are dozens more in the pipeline.

When the Switch first launched, there were fewer than a dozen titles available for sale. But, as time goes by, and as game makers realize the popularity of Nintendo’s hybrid mobile console, more and more titles are being added to the list all of the time. Here are all the games available right now, in digital and game card form, as well as games that are officially coming to Switch sometime in the future.

What’s new? New games released and announced games coming soon

Here’s where you’ll find everything new that is either now available in the Switch eShop or as a physical game card, as well as games that have recently been announced as coming to the Switch.

New physical game cartridges you can buy right now!

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout – Available October 29 – $60
Resident Evil Triple Pack – Available October 29 – $60
Vampyr – Available October 29 -…

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