pickWEB for iOS

Today we are introducing pickWEB for iOS. This App puts a directory of the most interesting websites in a handy format right at your fingertips. It was released for iPhone as well as iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

What’s interesting is the fact that the lists are not created by automated scripts, but are hand-picked and regularly checked for not only dead links, but also the actuality of the website content
The application also stands out with its simplicity: with only two taps you’re getting redirected to a selection of websites in your chosen category.

If you are looking for a reliable companion to guide you to an ever more complex webscape, you should definitely give pickWEB a try.

Usability is simple: You choose from a selection of predefined categories, each revealing a finer selection of sub-categories once selected. Tap those and you get redirected to the developer’s web-site with an overview of relevant website links.

The App also features “favorite” list, where you can compile and manage your own links. Great for usability is the multi-language interface, with currently 5 available languages: English, French, German, Russian, and Ukrainian.

The registration is not obligatory but in order to add new sites you like, save app preferences and to be able to use the “Most Viewed” function, registration is needed on pickinfo.web – which is quick and  easy.
 The app is also available on Android, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows.
A few more features of pickWEB:
Sort your links by rating or in alphabetical order
User Account management
Country-specific directory
Quick access to popular subdirectories
Add your own link
So go ahead and give it a try – its free!

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Twitter for iOS has been updated

Official Twitter app for iOS has been updated to version 6.1, it brings us new options and featuresIt also introduces easier reply system in which you are allowed to reply with photos.New updated Twitter will remind you to do @mention of your friends s…

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Weather Forcast App Dark Sky gets new design and has been updated

For it’s exact weather forecast predictions, App Dark Sky has been one of the best apps for the iPhone. Updated app is full of new features such as 24-hour and next-week forecasts.

Previous Dark Sky App was impartially limited and was the product of  kickstarter campaign. It offered very accurate weather forecast but it didn’t supply any information of what might happen next hour.
Updated version 4.0 introduces  a new interface and a number of new features.

The Dark Sky team announces:
              In studying how people use weather apps (ours and others), it’s become clear that the next 24 hours is hugely important. So much so that we’ve devoted an entire screen to a full breakdown of what’s going to happen in the next day. You’ll get a quick text summary, plus a timeline of cloud cover, precipitation, and temperature. You can see the high and low temperatures, and when the sun will rise and set.

App also includes “feels like” feature, you can check weather the temperature is falling or rising, and how far away is nearest snow blower or rain .
The map and radar features are new too ,they let you explore weather pattens on 3-D and they have even more data than before, you can check it in the video:

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