How to send your Trello tasks to Reminders with IFTTT

Thanks to IFTTT, you can keep track of your Trello tasks with the Reminders app on your iPhone and iPad.

Many people and organizations, including us here at iMore, rely on Trello in order to plan out content, assign work and keep everything organized. But for an individual, keeping track of tasks assigned to you in Trello might be easier if you could do so in your own system for keeping up with your to-dos. Luckily, IFTTT provides a solution.

IFTTT, for those who are unfamiliar, is a web service that connects with other apps and service to help you automate routine tasks. For instance, you can create an IFTTT action, called an Applet, to send you a weather report every morning at a set time. But more importantly, for our purposes, you can use IFTTT to link together two disparate services, in this case, Trello and the iOS Reminders app.

Getting started

To get started, the first thing you’ll need is a free account with IFTTT, which you can sign up for on its website. You’ll also wa…

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Keep your phone safe in the car with this $10 magnetic car mount!

One of your resolutions for 2017 should definitely be to keep your phone out of your hands when you are driving, and this awesome magnetic car mount makes that so much easier. Anker’s magnetic car mount is a simple way to keep your phone out of your hands but still in view so you can use it for navigation, music streaming and more. The strong magnet allows it to work universally with just about any phone, so it won’t matter how often you switch you can use it with any device you have with you that day.

This $20 discount isn’t likely to last very long, so you’re going to want to pick one up sooner than later. Something like this makes for a great investment for each car you own, so be sure to grab a couple to keep your loved ones safe on the road.

See at Amazon

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This $8 Lightning cable will last up to 5 times longer than others!

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with an extremely durable Lightning cable that won’t break the bank!

Right now you can pick up Anker’s Lightning cable for just $7.99 a savings of $12. This cable is reinforced at all its weakest points to help it last up to five times as long as other cables, meaning you won’t need to replace them as often. Nothing is worse than going to charge your iPhone or iPad only to realize that your Lightning cable is going bad and won’t pass any currency through it. Don’t get caught in this situation, and instead have a trusty cable that is made to last.

Be sure to pick one (or maybe two) of these up before the price jumps back up! Anker also has some of its other great iPhone accessories on sale, so be sure to check them out as well!

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For more great deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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How to evolve Togetic in Pokémon Go right now!

How do you evolve Togetic, currently the rarest Pokémon currently in the game, and jumpstart your Gen 2 Pokédex? Like this!

Togetic is the evolution of Togepi, the Gen 2 Pokémon baby still partially trapped in her egg. It’s also probably the rarest and hardest to get Pokémon in the game right now. That’s because you can’t hatch Togetic from a Pokémon egg and you can’t, much less catch one in the wild. But, you can still get Togetic now. Here’s how!


How to hatch Pichu, Togepi, and more babies in Pokémon Go!
How to get Togetic in Pokémon Go
What you’ll need to evolve Gen 2 in Pokémon Go!
How do you hatch Togepi?

Togetic evolves from Togepi, so first you have to hatch a Togepi. How do you do that? Well, the Pokémon inside an egg is determined when you pick it up. Togepi hatches from a 5 KM egg. It appears to be one of the rarest hatches, though. Unless you got lucky during the Pokémon Go Holiday Even…

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Best apps for ringing in the New Year

Make the most of your New Year’s Eve celecration with these great apps!

2016 is almost over (a giant relief for many) and it’s time to celebrate another trip around the sun in style! Whether you plan to have a relaxing low-key New Year’s Eve around the house or you’re heading to the biggest party you can find, you can always increase your enjoyment of the night by downloading the right apps. Here’s some of our favorite apps to help you ring in 2017.

Times Square Official New Year’s Eve Ball app
New Year Photo Frame Collection 2017
Habits & New Year Resolution 2017

Times Square Official New Year’s Eve Ball app

You don’t need to be in Times Square to enjoy the yearly classic celebration in New York, take the experience with you with the Times Square Official New Year’s Eve Ball app.

The app has on-going countdown to 2017, which is customizable to your timezone, and allows you to watch the famous ball drop live on New Year’s Eve. Plus includes a live stream to the …

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How would you change iCloud?

If Apple asked you what you wanted to see in the next ’version’ of iCloud Drive, what would you tell them?

iCloud is Apple’s online service that consists of iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Drive, iCloud Keychain, and a long list of other features, right down to email, contact, and calendar sync. It deputed alongside iOS 5, way back in 2011, and since then has grown, fumbled, frustrated, marveled, and enabled iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac users everywhere. But what should it do next?

The array of online services offered by Google and Microsoft are obvious points of comparison, as are Amazon and Dropbox for some of them as well. Yet iCloud is also uniquely Apple. So, if Eddy Cue asked you what you wanted to see from iCloud, what would be on your wish-list?

Increase the free storage tier. Make it 10 or 20 GB before you have to pay!
Free Photo storage for every iPhone owner. Google’s doing it, kinda!
Free device backup. If you buy a 256 GB iPhone or iPad, you get to back i…

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Best backup services and programs for your Mac

Are you still trying to decide on the best backup service for your Mac? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Anyone in the tech industry, and every IT person, and your friend that knows a thing or two about computers will tell you how important it is to back up your data. No matter how new your Mac is, it is not infallible, and therefore is subject to the laws of reality, which are that sometimes things go wrong. You can look the other way and pretend that it will never happen to you, but the moment you see that distorted screen, or hear that weird clicking noise coming from your computer, you’re going to wish you had backed up your data. So, I’m here to give you some suggestions to help you secure and store your most precious files with a list of the best online backup services and external hard drive backup programs.

Online backup services

Online backup services allow you to save your most important data in a remote location without having to switch out hard drives and relocate the spar…

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Digital Offers: Recover lost files on your Mac for life for only $34.99

You’re going through the files on your computer, looking for that report you did in college to use as an example of your work to go along with your resumé. It’s not in the folder you thought it was in, so you dig through another folder, and another, and another, and another. A quick search reveals that it’s nowhere to be found and you know you didn’t delete. So what gives?

Lucky for you there are apps that can dig deep into the annals of your Mac or PC to recover files that you thought were lost forever. These apps scan your computer (and even external hard drives) for lost files so that you never truly lose data (especially the important stuff).

Disk Drill PRO 3 is only $34.99 from iMore Digital Offers, and it’s the perfect way to make sure your missing data is found and your files are accessible once again. You’ll get a lifetime licence, which includes all future updates and major upgrades, so you pay once and you’re in for good! Disk Drill PRO 3 can help retrieve and/or r…

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Best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad

Running out of room on your devices? Find the cloud storage app that works best for you!

iPhones aren’t exactly winning when it comes to device storage (unless you shell out mondo dinero for the 256GB version), so looking into cloud storage is a great idea. It’s a great idea period if you like to have your files, media, and more on all of your devices (or at least the ability to transfer it between them).

There’s some real garbage out there, so we’ve narrowed down the best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad so that you can keep your stuff safe without taking up room on your devices.

Google Drive


Dropbox is easily one of the best cloud storage services around. I asked around in our forums, and everyone said they use Dropbox. I asked all my colleagues — Dropbox all around.

That’s because Dropbox has kick-ass features, like the ability to recover deleted items, the fact that it’s on just about every platform imaginable, and that …

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Nikkei: Iphone 7 säljer sämre än väntat

”Trög” försäljning av Iphone 7 har fått Apple att sänka tillverkningstakten, påstår japanska affärstidningen Nikkei.

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