Adonit PhotoGrip Qi review: Grip, tripod, remote, and charger

Take your iPhone photography to the next level with this useful kit.

The Adonit PhotoGrip Qi is a photographer’s kit well worth its price. It contains a grip to give you more stability while taking photos. The grip also happens to be a wireless charger and a phone stand. There’s a Bluetooth remote, a small tripod, a carrying bag, and a neck strap included.

Adonit PhotoGrip Qi

Price: $60

Bottom line: This iPhone photography kit contains a grip/stand/wireless charger, remote, tripod, and carrying bag.

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The Good

A lot for the money
Charges your iPhone wirelessly
Provides stability for photos
Tripod included
Remote included
Carrying bag included
The Bad

Doesn’t work with thick case
Doesn’t work great as a stand without the tripod

Photographer’s toolkit

Adonit PhotoGrip Qi: Features

Adonit’s PhotoGrip Q…

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This minimalist cork iPhone case from 15:21 is a rare vintage

Made from recycled cork, this isn’t your ordinary case.

This iPhone case from Swedish manufacturer 15:21 is an ultra-slim, lightweight, minimalist case made from recycled cork caps. It has a totally different look from your typical plastic, TPU, wood, or leather cases.

15:21 Cork iPhone Case

Price: From $42

Bottom line: 15:21 Cork iPhone Case is a minimal iPhone case made from recycled cork caps.

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The Good

Extremely lightweight
Made from recycled cork caps
Four-year warranty
The Bad

Not extremely protective
Expensive for a minimalist case
Barely there case

15:21 Cork iPhone Case: Features

The 15:21 Cork iPhone Case has a minimalist design. It’s made in Sweden from recycled cork caps. Cork is scratch-resistant, flame-retardant, durable, and hypo-allergenic….

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Apple-themed Pride shirts you’ll love to wear

Apple’s iconic rainbow logo is often associated with the LGBT+ movement. That union tends to play a heightened role during Pride Month, which is held each June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. To celebrate, the LGBT community hold various events around the world during the month. Show your support in June or anytime by wearing an Apple-themed Pride t-shirt, including the one we like the best.

Beautifully designed

LGBT Apple Logo Slim Fit T-Shirt

Staff favorite

This t-shirt features the official Apple Logo used by Apple at LGBT events. Our favorite pick because of its direct link to Apple, the t-shirt is available in 17 colors and multiple styles. Though understated, the t-shirt is an excellent choice for members of the community and their supporters.

$18 at Redbubble

It’s iconic

Apple Think Different T Shirt

Apple’s Think Different campaign ran from 1997 to 2002. Often paired with the company’s rainbow Apple logo, the slogan remains popular with fans nearly 20 ye…

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Set up a secure, second phone number with Hushed for just $25

In the modern age, giving out your phone number to an almost endless number of individuals and businesses is the norm. Whether you’re trying to sign up for a new online service or exchanging contact information after a date, the growing extent to which we give out our phone numbers puts our privacy and security at risk.

That’s why Hushed Private Phone Line allows you to set up a secure, second phone number so you can keep your real number hidden and private at all times, and right now, thanks to iMore Digital Offers, a lifetime subscription is available for over 80 percent off the regular price of $150. That’s a total cost of just $25!

With Hushed Private Phone Line, you’ll never have to worry about your number falling into the wrong hands. This premium service lets you choose from hundreds of area codes across the US and Canada, and you’ll be able to manage your communications from a single streamlined app.

You won’t have to commit to a second, expensive contract in order to gain…

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Start delegating your time-consuming chores with these great robot vacuums!

There are many robovacs on the market that claim to pack in all sorts of unique features but when you get right down to it, many of them are the same. These are some of the best, truly unique, truly feature-packed robot vacuums we’ve come across in 2019.

Best for Most

iRobot Roomba 690

Staff Favorite

You’d be hard-pressed to find a list of the best robot vacuums without the good ol’ Roomba 690. It’s Wi-Fi connected, giving you the option to control your robovac from its companion smartphone app, and it also works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, meaning you can issue a voice command to start it cleaning.

$298 at Amazon


iRobot Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is a powerhouse of a robotic vacuum. It can clean for up to 120 minutes at a time but will dock, recharge, and start cleaning again until the job is done while using Roomba’s Smart Mapping technology to literally map out your house, creating the most efficient cleaning route and remembering where it’s bee…

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Great portable power chargers for your USB-C MacBook

Did you decide this was the year when you finally bought a MacBook? Was the one that you purchased a replacement for an earlier model, or is this your first foray into the MacBook world? Regardless, along with your new computer, you should consider purchasing a portable battery pack or power bank, so you never have to worry about running out of power. Here are some of the best USB-C battery packs on the market.

Our pick

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

Staff favorite

My favorite power bank, thanks to its compact design, offers high-speed charging for phones, tablets, and yes, USB-C notebooks. It features one USB-C and two USB ports. The Anker PowerCore+ also features a 26,800mAh battery and provides two battery charges for the average laptop between charges.

$130 at Amazon

Juice it up

Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL

Mophie has long been known for making high-quality accessories for Apple products, and the Powerstation USB-C XXL continues this trend. This beautifully-designed batt…

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Need a clicker for your Apple TV? Here are the best

While all Apple TVs come with the Siri Remote some people just don’t like using it. Lucky for you, there are other options if you feel like you want a better experience. Whether you hate the Siri Remote, lost your old one, or are just scouting out the market, these are the best remotes to control your Apple TV.

All-in-one control center

Caavo Control Center

Staff Favorite

The Caavo Control Center works with the included remote, and is perfect for anyone that uses multiple set-top boxes, such as the Apple TV, game consoles, and Blu-ray players, with their TV. The system is easy to set up, and offers robust voice control for all of your devices, including the Apple TV.

$60 at Amason

The OG

Apple Siri Remote

1144″ />

If you’ve lost or broken your Siri Remote and need a replacement, you can pick one up at Apple. The small black glass remote is what ships with all new Apple TVs and it can do everything fairly simply. Use the touch trackpad on top of the remote to navigate th…

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Isärplockning visar minimala förändringar i Apples nya tangentbord

Frågan är alltså hur stor skillnad tangentbordet egentligen kommer göra för pålitlighet och motståndskraft mot smuts och annat som kan tränga in under tangenterna.

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WWDC 2019 Preview: Here’s everything we expect to see!

WWDC 2019, Apple’s 30th annual World Wide Developers Conference, is just a week away. Here’s all the iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, tvOS 13, and new Mac Pro goodness we expect to see!

The music fades. The lights go down. A video plays. Developers. Apps. Apple. The community. We’re all together again. And when the lights come back up, Tim Cook is walking onto the stage.

”Thank you. Thank you. Good morning. And welcome to Apple’s 30th annual WWDC!”

Rather watch than read? Gui Rambo for Stack Trace and 9to5Mac joined me for a complete video preview, so hit pay and enjoy!

And then we’re going to get it — Festivus in June. When Apple unwraps all the software presents, from iOS 13 to macOS 10.15, tvOS 13 to watchOS 6. And maybe, just maybe, our first look at the all-new, all modular Mac Pro and 6K Pro Display.

WWDC 2019: iOS 13

Tim Cook hands off the clicker to Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, and the iOS 13 logo fills the big screen above the …

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iMore show 658: ’T-key’ Lounge

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple!

Snapchat employees abused user data, and Google tracks your purchase history. Lory Gil, Mikah Sargent, and Rene Ritchie are neither surprised, nor amused. The crew also talk about the new MacBook Pro models and additional changes Apple has made to the keyboard. Even if they have ameliorated key malfunctions once and for all, public perception of their butterfly switches is toxic. Don’t expect this design to last another generation.

WWDC is just around the corner, so rumors and leaks are running red hot. Finally, check out some cool new apps: Vignette and GIFwrapped!

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Show notes

Google tracks your purchase history
Snapchat employees abuse user data
New MacBook Pro 2019
iFixit tears down the 2019 MBP
Will there still be a different new MBP in 2019?
Dub Dub fun

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