Apple stops selling iPhone SE and iPhone 6 in India

What you need to know

Apple stops selling the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus in India.
The decision comes as Apple changes its focus from volume to revenue.
The new base iPhone 6s will cost $116 (Rs 8,000) more for consumers.
It stops selling the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple is changing its plans in India for one focused on volume over revenue. To boost revenue, its first order of business is to stop selling older iPhone models according to a new report from The Economic Times.

As part of its new strategy to focus on driving value in India instead of chasing volumes, Apple has stopped selling the iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus and 6s Plus, three senior industry executives said. This will increase the entry level price of an iPhone in India by almost Rs 8,000.

The executives said supplies of these models stopped last month. Apple’s distributors and sales team have informed traders that the new entry model will be the iPhone 6s, a…

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Airmail email app switches to subscription-based pricing angering users

What you need to know

Popular iOS email app Airmail switched to a subscription-based pricing without telling customers.
Naturally this angered a lot of users who are already cut off from some features like notifications or multiple account support even though they already paid for the app.
The new pricing includes a free tier without notifications and multiple account support or $2.99 per month and $9.99 per year plans.
Users who paid for the app are seeing notifications cut off already.

Users of the popular iOS email app Airmail are being greeted by an unexpected surprise: the app switched from a standard priced app (one-time purchase) to a subscription-based app, cutting them off from key services like notifications or multiple account support.

Multiple users took to Twitter to voice their frustration with this switch, particularly because Airmail did not warn them of the change. Before the change, Airmail costs $4.99 and then users were free to enjoy the app. Now it costs $2.99…

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Lowest Amazon price ever for Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

This is the lowest price this game has ever been on Amazon!

This re-imagined classic takes you through the first generation game’s Kanto region with your special Eevee buddy. One of the things I love about this game is that Eevee is always accessible. He’s either running alongside you or taking a ride on your hat. You can even interact with him by dressing him up in different outfits or changing his hairdo. Aside from Eevee, there’s also the ability to ride around on several different Pokémon like Lapras (pictured above), Arcanine, Snorlax, and many others.

Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! is steeply discounted at only $30 compared to its typical $45 price point. Don’t let this one slip away. Grab it fast to take advantage of this Prime deal!

I choose you!

$30 at Amazon

Take your Eevee with you wherever you go as you explore the Kanto region in this fun RPG. You’ll capture the original 150 Pokémon, battle trainers, defeat gym leaders, and thwart Team Rocket’s plans all…

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Get these Amazon Prime Video Channels on the cheap for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Video Channels is one of the best-kept secrets Amazon has. First you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription. Chances are you already have that — and it’s what gets you into Amazon Prime Video. But Amazon Prime Video Channels opens up a whole new world, with subscriptions to more channels than we could possibly list here.

But what we will list here are the channels that you can get on the cheap or Amazon Prime Day. You’ll get a discount for the first three months, which should be plenty of time to check things out and kick the tires a little. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll quickly fall in love with all the great content, billed right to your Amazon account.

It’s really that simple. Just note that all prices listed here are for the three-month promotional period, and you’ll need to be a new subscriber to the channel. After that? You can watch on any device that has access to Amazon Prime Video.

So let’s get to it. These are all the Amazon Prime Video Chan…

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Get up to $200 off on a 2018 iPad Pro this Prime Day

At $50 to $200 off, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on Apple’s latest and greatest iPad Pro.


Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) – Silver (Latest Model)

From $899 at Amazon

The latest and greatest iPad Pro at a hefty discount.

The 2018 iPad Pro features a slick new design, Face ID, and USB-C. It’s a great mobile work machine now, and the perfect device for iPadOS 13 when it comes out this fall.

The 2018 iPad Pro might just be the best tablet Apple has produced in the last nine years, and thanks to Amazon Prime Day, Prime subscribers can pick up Apple’s latest and greatest iPad Pro starting at $899 for the 256GB model, a discount of $50. Between a new, edge-to-edge design, Face ID, and the brand-new Apple Pencil 2, it’s an excellent experience for those that want to work with iOS on the go.

But in his re-review of the iPad Pro in November, Rene found that, though the hardware is impressive, those looking for more power or capability out of …

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle at lowest price ever seen on Amazon!

This is the best price we’ve ever seen for this turn-based strategy game for Nintendo Switch.

This zany crossover includes characters from Nintendo and Ubisoft franchises to create something entirely new. You’ll play as your favorite Mario characters and their Rabbids parodies to protect the Mushroom Kingdom. This is the perfect game for people who like turn-based strategy games. You’ll explore the map, as you would in an RPG, and come across battles. When engaged in combat you can shoot at enemies, scramble to a new position, take cover behind boxes or trees, and more.

By the way, it’s selling for only $20 at Amazon, which is the lowest price it’s ever been. Now’s the time to take advantage of those sweet deals. Grab it now before the price goes back up!

As the game progresses, you’ll unlock new characters, items, and weapons. Each character has their own abilities, so you’ll want to position them in the right spots to take advantage of a situation. You’ll enjoy hilarious cut sce…

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Stop Getting Cheated by Store Warranties

Are you paying a monthly fee for smartphone protection? Were you pressured by a salesperson to add on protection for your new device at the store? If you answered yes, you are paying way too much. Most people do not know that warranties at the store can be marked up as much as 900%. Some of the worst offenders are big box stores and cell phone carriers.

In 2015, Upsie was created to give consumers a more affordable, accessible and reliable warranty option.

Upsie offers comparable warranty plans for up to 70% less cost than retailers. For example, a two-year warranty for a Samsung Galaxy S10 from Best Buy costs $169 with a $199 deductible. A two-year warranty from Upsie for the same phone costs $89.99 with a $75 deductible. If you have to make a claim, that’s a savings of $203! If you never have to make a claim, that’s still a huge savings of $79 for the same coverage.

Why does Upsie cost so much less? Simple. Because they do no over-inflate their margins. Your money will stay in y…

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Etekcity’s smart light switch let’s you control lights with voice and touch

Etekcity’s smart light switch gives you plenty of options to control your lights, including voice and your smartphone.

Etekcity’s smart light switch is on sale for $12.99 during Amazon Prime Day. The switch completely replaces your current light switch and allows you to control lights with your voice, smartphone, or simply by touching the switch as you’d expect. You need to use the code ”AC4AGX85” to get the discounted price. The switches usually cost $18.98.

The switches don’t require a hub to work with other devices. In addition to controlling your lights on demand, you can also schedule timers and schedules for your lights. The switches can also work in conjunction with IFTT to help them coordinate with other parts of your routine.

When it comes to making your home’s lights smart, there are two ways to go; smart bulbs and smart switches. There are pros and cons to each, but one of the benefits of smart switches is that they’re cheaper in the long run than smart bulbs. When you …

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The Great Mac Balancing Act: Catalina Security Explained

Apple’s lofty goal for macOS Catalina is to make the system as secure as iOS while maintaining all the traditional flexibility of the Mac. And… that’s easier said than done. With iOS, Apple got to start fresh and lock everything down since day one. The Mac, by starkest of contrasts, has been relatively open for decades.

For many years, that was fine. Thanks to the market share and attack surface of Windows, it made far more economic sense for bad actors to go after Microsoft users and leave Apple users alone.

But, now we have the web, we have phishing and spear-phishing, ransomware and spyware, we even have ad trackers and social networks and the ability and eagerness of bad actors and unscrupulous companies to target any and every platform and person, including those of us on the Mac.

So, Apple has been carefully hardening macOS against exactly those kinds of attacks. Carefully, because people who are used to the Mac being open are concerned — legitimately…

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Apple included slower SSD in the new MacBook Air

What you need to know

Tests conducted on the MacBook Air confirmed it has a slower SSD than the 2018 model.
The disk write speed was slightly faster but the read speeds were 35% slower.
The move was likley made to keep the price of the MacBook Air, which saw a $100 price discount.
It is 35% slower according to tests on Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

The new 2019 MacBook Air with a True Tone display, upgraded keyboard and a price cut has been out for a week already, but we’re finding out more about. The latest bit of information from Consomac confirms an unfortunate drawback: the SSD is slower than the previous 2018 model.

The French site conducted some tests on the new 2019 MacBook Air using Blackmagic Disk Speed Test and it achieved speeds of 1.3 GB/s read and 1 GB/s write. Compare it to the 2018 MacBook Air, which achieved 2 GB/s read and 0.9 GB/s write.

[thrifter:46066 template:reco]

Apple’s newer laptop improved slightly on the writing side, but its performance downgraded by 35…

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