Best Adult Apps in VR of 2017

Finding adult apps for VR is easy, finding awesome adult apps in VR can be more difficult.

Porn in VR is all over the place these days. In fact, all you have to do is a quick Google search and you’ll find plenty of websites and apps that can give you what you’re looking for. Not all adults apps are awesome though. So instead of slogging through the internet and hoping you find an awesome app, we’ve done the work for you. Below you’ll find the best apps in VR for adult entertainment.


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Join the discussion: Is the iPhone 7 Plus antenna worse?

Do you think that the iPhone 7 Plus’ antenna is a bit, well, crummy? Join the discussion in the iMore forums and let us know what you think!

Whenever a new iPhone is launched, there are always flaws that are found and pointed out by curious and concerned consumers.

A few years ago it was the bending of the iPhone 6, but when the iPhone 7 Plus launched last year, there was some speculation about the antenna – specifically, how it might not be the best of the best…


05-28-2017 12:00 PM

Folks has anyone else had any issues with your reception on your 7+? I have a g6 and a 256g 7+ (on T mobile) and have noticed I have more service on my g6 than 7+ some times…. Fyi they are side by side comparisons …… Thanks folks……

Some people say they’ve seen a bit of a difference between their iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus…


Not Quite …

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Apple Music: Two years later, the service is finding its voice

Apple’s music subscription service still trails Spotify in total users, but its sound has never been clearer.

On June 30, 2015, Apple Music turned its speakers on, began blasting Beats 1 to over 100 countries, and presented music lovers with a question: Could Apple beat streaming giant Spotify at its own game?

Two years later and 27 million active subscribers later, the answer to that question isn’t ”yes,” but it’s much closer than it ever has been. As Apple Music has grown over the last 24 months, the service has taken what works — Beats 1, the streaming catalog, custom playlists — and amplified it, and remixed the parts — social and iCloud Music Library — that didn’t.

In 2017, Apple Music is still recognizably the service that launched in 2015: For You and Radio are still the service’s top draws, as is the integration with your iTunes Music Library. It’s still a paid-only service, in contrary to Spotify’s ad-supported free tiers….

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How to create a Sparkpost project without a template

You don’t need a template to create a stunning image.

Sparkpost brings you tons of great features that make creating the image of your dreams more accessible than ever. While there are plenty of templates that can help you get started, you can also create a post entirely from scratch. There are a ton of different features that you can take advantage of, from changing text color or opacity, to adding animation to your project.

We’ve got the details for you here on how to use those features to create something all you.

How to create a project without a template
How to add animation to a project
How to adjust border spacing
How to use design filters
How to change text
How to change text color
How to change text font
How to change text opacity
How to change text spacing
How to change text alignment
How to change text shape
How to change text size
How to use photo filters
How to share a project

How to create a project without a template

Open Sparkpost
Tap the green addition icon at …

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iPad Pro 10.5 Back Cover Cases that Work with Apple’s Smart Cover

Are you looking for an iPad Pro 10.5 case that works effortlessly with Apple’s Smart cover? Never fear, we have you covered with these awesome back cover cases!

If you’re someone who’s ever used Apple’s Smart Cover with an iPad, you’ll know how awesome of an accessory it is – the tricky part is securing the back of your iPad Pro!

Here are a couple of different back cover cases that’ll fit your iPad Pro 10.5 and will work with Apple’s Smart Cover.

KHOMO Companion Cover
MoKo Clear Grip Shockproof back cover
Poetic Lumos Ultra-thin TPU case

KHOMO Companion Cover

Designed to offer up some secure, strong protection for your iPad Pro 10.5 while still working perfectly with your Apple Smart Cover, the KHOMO Companion Cover is a great accessory and back cover to keep in mind.

The KHOMO Companion Cover is designed with full access to all ports and buttons, while the flexible edge protects the iPad’s screen and offers full protection for your iPad Pro. You can easily connect a S…

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How to get started with the macOS High Sierra public beta

macOS High Sierra is now in public beta, so more people can now check out what new features it has to offer. Here’s how you can get started.

If you’ve just downloaded the macOS High Sierra public beta to your Mac, you might be wondering where you should get started. Well, here’s what you can look forward to in the public beta and how you can report bugs and give feedback to Apple.

New features in the macOS High Sierra public beta
What’s missing from the macOS High Sierra public beta
How to report bugs in macOS High Sierra

New features in the macOS High Sierra public beta

macOS High Sierra focuses mostly on under-the-hood improvements, such as APFS and the HEVC video codec, but that doesn’t mean that users are left entirely out in the cold. Here are the big new features of macOS High Sierra that you’ll find in macOS High Sierra.


If you spend a lot of time in Photos on your Mac, you’re going to notice a number of improvements with High Sierra. There are new tools for ed…

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Celebrate Canada Day with HomeKit!

Celebrate Canada Day and show off your Canadian pride with HomeKit-enabled accessories!

You can add a little home automation fun to your Canada Day celebrations with the help of Siri and HomeKit. Whether you’re looking to add a little color to your home 🇨🇦 or get the temperature just right, your HomeKit-enabled accessories can make your celebrations all the more awesome!

There’s no better way to get in the Canada Day mood than with a couple HomeKit projects, right? I hope you answered yes, ’cause that’s what I’ve got for you! Follow along with these projects to learn a little about HomeKit automation and show of your festive side.

Paint the town (or, more realistically, your home) red!

In this project we’re going to use a smart lock as a trigger for changing the color of smart lights in your home. In my home, I have four Philips Hue bulbs in four different lamps in my living room and they can all be triggered by an automation. When you or your roommate/partner/s…

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The absolute BEST Canada Day iPhone cases, eh?

Show off your true Canadian pride this Canada day (Woo Canada 150!) with a good ol’ fashioned Canuck-lovin’ case!

Ohhhh Canada, you really rock my socks! So much so that I want to wrap my iPhone in all your red-and-white, maple leaf-y goodness!

Here are some iPhone cases that are sure to show off your love of the True North during this year’s Canada 150 celebration!

1. The Canadian flag (with a li’l modern twist!)

Nothing says ”I LOVE CANADA! like a graffiti-fied flag design.

2. The most Canadian company has ya covered!

The Bay has these super awesome Canada 150 iPhone cases! Grab one today before they’re all gone!

3. Simple, clean, Canadian!

Keep it simple and supes Canadian with this case from Cafetify!


It’s like a Canadian mullet for your iPhone!

5. Want to show off your Canadian pride but hate iPhone cases?

No problem! This I Heart Canada wallet case might be just the thing you need!

6. Show off how a…

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Apple is celebrating national parks in July with Apple Watch activity challenge and more

During the month of July, Apple is celebrating America’s national parks with donations to the National Parks Foundation for every purchase made with Apple Pay in an Apple Store, on, or in the Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad from July 1-15.

From Apple:

”America’s national parks are an inspiration to us at Apple, and we know they are as important to many of our customers as they are to us,” said Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. ”Our goal is to leave the world better than we found it, so this July we’re making it easier for anyone to help preserve the beauty of our natural, cultural and historical treasures.”

Apple Watch owners can also get in on the celebration on Saturday, July 15. On that day, if you complete a walk, run, or wheelchair workout of at least 3.5 miles (5.6 km), you’ll earn a national-parks-inspired award on your Apple Watch and an iMessage sticker pack. Apple chose 3.5 miles to reflect the distance of the hike between Old Faithful and Mallard Lake in Yellowsto…

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Channels DVR on NVIDIA Shield TV brings together Apple and Android in a new and fun way

The developer of Channels has created an unholy union between the Apple TV and the NVIDIA Shield TV.

The NVIDIA Shield TV, powered by Android, probably isn’t the first thing any Apple TV owner would think of buying. After all, you’ve got an Apple TV, right? But there’s little denying that in the overall hardware and power stakes, NVIDIAs box has Apple’s beaten.

There is so much that can be done with the NVIDIA Shield TV, like running your Plex Media Server on it, for example. One of the latest things you can do is enable it as a DVR backend for the Channels app on your Apple TV. Why, you might ask? Why not!

The Shield TV is so versatile and affordable that it’s a great choice for cordcutters whichever their platform of preference. Eventually, Channels will likely be on Android TV in a bigger fashion, but right now it’s helping to make your Apple TV more useful.

There’s not a lot that needs to be done on the Shield TV. It involves downloading the DVR backend app from the Googl…

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