How to change the time of day and why in Xenoblade Chronicles

Wibbley, wobbley, timey, wimey.

While plenty of games incorporate time of day visually into gameplay, the time of day makes a significant difference in Xenoblade Chronicles. You can just wait until a later time to accomplish things that aren’t available during your current game’s time, but you can also change the time within the game – and it’s a lot easier than in Animal Crossing!

Why does time of day matter?

In the world of Bionis, the time of day has a couple of significant impacts on gameplay. The monsters you encounter, for example, will be much stronger at night time than during the day. Likewise, some species of monsters, like Vangs, are mostly nocturnal. If the quest you are trying to complete requires hunting specific monsters, you may find you cannot complete it at your current time. The NPCs you interact with will also have schedules. If you are trying to complete a quest that requires talking to a specific NPC, you can only do so during that NPC’s active hours.


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How to build Affinity and the rewards for doing so in Xenoblade Chronicles

Get by with a little help from your friends.

As you make your way through the world of Bionis, the Affinity you’ve built among your characters and NPCS will have a significant impact on play. There are a number of ways to increase (and decrease) Affinity, but the rewards for raising it are well worth the effort.

Playable Character Affinity

Affinity between the members of your party is absolutely critical, which makes sense. The more people like and trust each other, the better they will work together. Although there is a numerical value to Affinity ranging between zero and 5,000 points, the Affinity Chart sums this up with five faces:

Yellow hexagon – this face represents an Affinity score below 1,000 points.
Green square – this face represents an Affinity score between 1,000 and 1,999 points.
Blue circle – this face represents an Affinity score between 2,000 and 2,999 points.
Purple gear – this face represents an Affinity score between 3,000 and 4,999 points.
Pink heart – thi…

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Riots, looting push Apple and others to shut down retail stores … again

After slowly kickstarting its retail reopening across the U.S., Apple has shut some stores back down for the safety of its employees.

What you need to know

Apple stores in protest hotspots are closing back down through Sunday.
Stores that have experienced extensive damage have no reopening date.
Other retail stores around the U.S. are temporarily shuttering due to violent protests.

As of Sunday morning, Apple has officially begun closing retail stores in locations where protests in support of the killing of George Floyd by police have been happening over the past few days. As noted by 9to5Mac,

Apple says store closures will last through Sunday. Some locations with extensive damage have indefinite closures listed on their webpages.

Many of these stores were either just open within the week prior, or on schedule to open in the coming week. Violent protests across the nation have pushed Apple to close stores to protect its employees.

With the health and safety of our team…

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Review: The mClassic really does upscale your Nintendo Switch graphics

Plug the mClassic into your Nintendo Switch or other consoles to upscale your video game graphics.

For many video game enthusiasts, it’s important that the visuals displayed on your TV are crispy, clear, and pleasant to look at. While there are plenty of ways to modify your console to give it better graphics, this isn’t something that the average consumer feels comfortable attempting. That’s where the mClassic Plug and Play Graphics Processor comes in.

Unlike other graphics processors out there, this one gets plugged into your consoles externally, so you don’t need any technical know-how in order to install it to your gaming systems. You simply connect it in between your TV and your console and the device will do all of the work.

I’ll be very honest here. When I first heard about the mClassic I was very incredulous that an external USB-powered device would be able to change the look of my graphics. However, after checking it out on my Nintendo Switch, Game Cube, and N64 I can defi…

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This best-selling PDF tool is on sale for just $30

The world’s reliance on PDF files knows no bounds. Ideal for sharing and sending everything from business reports and term papers to images and screenshots, PDFs remain one of the most widely-used and reliable ways to share valuable information regardless of your specific operating system.
The only problem is that these files are also incredibly difficult to work with and edit, and attempting to do even simple things like add text or adjust an image can be a headache-inducing nightmare.
Enter Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate, an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use app that allows you to edit, merge, split, convert and sign PDFs without all the hassle.
With Cisdem in your digital toolbox, you’ll be able to sidestep the usual madness that comes from working with PDF files, all thanks to an intuitive and streamlined interface that makes it easy to edit PDFs the way you would on a regular word processor.
You’ll be able to batch-convert PDFs to Word, RTFD, Keynote and other popular formats, …

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Great heavy duty cases for your new iPad Air 3

iPads are very expensive, which is something to remember when it comes time to buy one. The iPad Air 3, which launched in 2019, isn’t an iPad Pro, but buying one will still dent your wallet. Because of this, we recommend purchasing a rugged case for your new tablet. Whether you’re an adult or child, one of the following cases will get the job done for many years to come.


Poetic iPad case

Staff Favorite

If you’re looking for a low-cost, simple silicone case to protect your iPad and give you a place to store your Apple Pencil, Poetic’s case offers excellent corner protection along with a double silicone loop to store your stylus. It also leaves the Smart Connector exposed so that you can combine this case with Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

$17 at Amazon

For younger users

ProCase Kids Case

This durable childproof case is available in various colors and features a 180 dress rotatable grip handle for secure handling. Super lightweight and non-toxic, it offers raised bezels …

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Which presents will raise your Affinity the most in Xenoblade Chronicles?

With hundreds of gifts to choose from, it can be challenging to know whether a present will raise or lower each character’s Affinity. If you choose wrong, you can even lower the Affinity between your party members. Fortunately, we here at iMore have everything you need to know about obtaining Collectibles and gifting presents in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

What are presents?

Presents or Collectibles are items you will find all throughout the world of Bionis. These items will show up as glowing orbs and can be picked up by walking through them. While collectibles can be sold, their real value is in trading with the various NPCs you meet or gifting them from one member of your party to another to raise the Affinity between those two characters.


When you come across named NPCs, you will be given the option to trade, in addition to talking with them. Every NPC has different items they will trade with more added when you raise your Affinity. Trades are always…

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Let’s talk about the latest iPhone 12 and iOS 14 rumors and concepts

We have more iPhone 12 Pro and iOS 14 concepts that are looking pretty hot, if I do say so myself.

Welcome back to another week of From the Editor’s Desk, iMorians. And it’s been quite a whirlwind of a week, all things considered. Now, let’s jump right into the fun stuff.

Another week has passed, which means more iPhone 12 rumors stirring in the pot. This week, we got a new iPhone 12 Pro concept video, which also showcases a potential Navy Blue color option that may replace Midnight Green.

Now, blue isn’t one of my favorite colors, but green is. The problem with Midnight Green, though, is that doesn’t look all that much different from Space Gray when held in certain lighting. I like my Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro, but I honestly wish that the green color would have been something more akin to hunter green, or something similar. However, I’m always trying to get the new color that Apple releases for iPhones, so if they do have a Navy Blue option, I would snatch it up. Plus, th…

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The best chargers to replace your original Nintendo Switch charger

When you need to purchase a replacement charger for your Nintendo Switch, you want a reliable, inexpensive option. We’ve looked into chargers and determined that these three are the best of the best. Our top recommendation is to stick with Nintendo’s official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter as it’s least likely to have any problems.

Best Overall: Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

The officially licensed Nintendo Switch AC adapter is the replacement of choice. It’s a bit expensive compared to other options on the market, but it isn’t likely to have any problems since Nintendo makes it. The cable reaches 5-feet long and works with any 120-volt outlet and the Switch dock.

You can also detach it from the dock and plug it directly into your Switch if you want to play with the screen in your hands. You can also use it to charge a Pro Controller. Although it is a little bulky to take on the go and doesn’t have any car charging ability, its a quality adapter with many good uses made directly by Nin…

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Logga in med Apple-bugg gav anfallare full tillgång till konton

Buggen har nu patchats bort av Apple själva.

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