Save on summer travel with these huge credit card sign-up offers

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Summer travel planning season (at least for the northern hemisphere) is upon us, which means it’s time to think about how to get the most out of the money you spend on travel. Of course, new credit cards are one of the best ways to do so, and Delta has just launched some limited time offers on their Amex co-branded cards. From now until April 3, you might qualify for the following offers:

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express – 60,000 miles and $50 statement credit when you spend $2,000 in 3 months.

Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express – 75,000 miles, 5,000 MQMs and $100 statement credit when you spend $3,000 in 3 months.

Delta Reserve® Credit Card from American Express – 75,000 miles and 5,000 MQMs when you spend $5,000 in 3 months.
So what can you do with y…

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This rare Apple Pencil discount offers nearly 20% off via Amazon

One of the greatest iPad Pro accessories is now at one of its best prices ever.

With all the recent sales on the iPad Pro, you may be tempted to finally take the plunge and make the purchase for one of Apple’s latest and greatest tablet offerings. If so, the next thing you’ll want to pick up is the Apple Pencil, and you’re in luck as it’s also on sale today at Amazon for $79.88. This deal saves you nearly $20 off its regular price, and it’s also the lowest we’ve ever seen it drop there. This is the first Apple Pencil model; the second is usually priced a bit higher at $129.

The Apple Pencil is way more than just a stylus, and if you’re a graphic artist or someone who loves to draw, it’s likely an essential purchase for you. It’s sensitive to pressure and tilt, allowing you to finely adjust your brush strokes, shading, and more. Our guides on how to draw and use the Pencil effectively could be a big help if you’re looking for advice.

See at Amazon…

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Test av Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

Tidigare fick iPhoneguiden lägga vantarna på Ring Video Doorbell 2, som fick ett gott betyg i vårt test. Nu var det dags för Rings Spotlight Cam Wired, som har många likheter med den smarta dörrklockan. Appen har många funktioner, installationen är enkel och tydlig och användarvänligheten idag. Det verkar som att man har tänkt igenom […]

Inlägget Test av Ring Spotlight Cam Wired dök först upp på

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Sennheiser’s Wireless Headphone System reaches one of its best prices

This system lets you listen up to 328 feet away.

Sennheiser’s RS 175 Wireless Headphone System drops to $149.95 at Newegg Flash when you enter promo code NEFPBG35 during checkout. With today’s deal, you’re saving over $40 off its average cost at Amazon where it sells for up to $280. Shipping is free.

The RS 175 Wireless Headphone System comes with wireless headphones featuring a closed, circumaural design and a multi-purpose transmitter that offers audiophile-worthy levels of digital audio clarity and a range of over 300 feet. The transmitter also allows you to connect wired devices like your TV, a soundbar, or your phone to listen wirelessly with the headphones. There are various listening modes including Bass Boost and Surround Sound, along with on-board controls on the headphones. They’re also comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time too, which is noted by several of its nearly 1,300 reviews at Amazon. It’s garnered a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars there.

See at Newegg…

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Conquer your toughest foes with these tips for Dragalia Lost

Not even the toughest foes will stand in your way!

It felt like only yesterday when Nintendo kept saying that they’ll never release games on mobile smartphones and tablets. Yet, we now have four games based on existing IPs (Miitomo, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp), and now a mobile RPG with no prior IP history called Dragalia Lost.

Dragalia Lost is an entirely new RPG that isn’t based on any existing property of Nintendo. It’s developed with Cygames, and is a heavily anime-influenced RPG that’s pretty fun to play.

It’s been out in the U.S. for a few months now, but recently launched in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and a few other countries.

We already have a beginner’s guide for you, and today we’re going to go even further with more tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Dragalia Lost.

Explore every nook and cranny of the map
Pay attention to the elemental status of each stage
Be mindful of the suggested might level numbers

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How to get the Apple Watch Milanese loop look for less

Apple’s original Milanese loop for Apple Watch is beautiful, smooth, and made of stainless steel mesh that wraps around your wrist in a continuous, adjustable loop. This Apple Watch band is fully magnetic, so there’s no need for buckles or clasps. Apple offers it in black or space gray for $149, but if that’s out of your price range, we’ve got some cheaper alternatives.

Ultra Affordable

SICCIDEN Milanese Mesh Loop

Staff Favorite

This magnetic band is completely adjustable and will fit virtually any wrist. It also comes with an 18-month warranty, in case you’re a little extra hard on the band. It comes in black, silver, gold, and rose gold, all of which match Apple Watch bodies spot-on.

$10 at Amazon

Very comfortable

INTENY metal loop band

The INTENy metal loop band doesn’t have any buckle or clasp that touches your skin, making it completely flush with your wrist for all-day comfort!

$11 at Amazon

Plenty of colors

Fullmosa Milanese Stainless Steel Watch Band

The ste…

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Pick up a Jubor foldable laptop stand at a reduced price of just $14

Look ma, no typos.

Working from a laptop no doubt has its advantages, but the downside comes when you’re hunched over a table at a coffee shop, your back forming the letter ’C’ whilst your shoulders creep toward your ears. Prevent future issues, no matter how nomadic you are, by picking up this Jubor Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand at a $3 discount. Your total will be $14.07 instead of the typical $18 price tag. The reviews are very positive so far.

Note that there is a shipping delay of one to two weeks as of the time of publication. However, you can still take advantage of the discount now and your order will ship as soon as possible.

This laptop stand is almost universal, as long as your laptop is at least 11 inches. The adjustable stand will keep your posture nice and your computer running cooler. It can hold up to 30 pounds, so even Alienware can join in on the fun, and the non-skid feet keep your machine stable. When you’re done for the day, simply fold it flat and pack it …

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Kerf Wood iPhone case is a study in luxury wood

Carved from real wood, this is a luxurious iPhone case for the discerning user.

Kerf’s Wood iPhone Cases are a work of art, simply put. Each case is hand-carved from a single piece of sustainable solid wood so there are no seams. The aesthetic appeal of this case is undeniable, but there are some functional limitations to be aware of before you buy.

Kerf Wood iPhone Case

Price: From $69

Bottom line: This solid wood, ultra-suede lined case wraps your iPhone in luxury

See at Kerf

The Good

Stunning aesthetics
Solid, seamless wood design
Ultra-suede lining
Tons of wood grain choices
The Bad

Form and function

Kerf Wood iPhone Case: Features

Kerf’s Wood iPhone Case is hand-carved from a single piece of sustainable solid wood, so there are no seams or interlocking parts on this case. All of the button…

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What Does the Fitbit Zip Do?

Best answer: The Fitbit Zip is designed to handle the basics of fitness tracking. You’ll be able to get an accurate count of your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned, but not much else.

Fitbit: Fitbit Zip ($60)

It’s designed to handle the basics.

The Fitbit Zip is a nifty little gadget from one of the biggest names in fitness wearables. It actually came out several years ago but it’s so good at what it does that it’s stuck around for more than a few years (which really is saying something in the tech world where the average life span of a gadget is about two years). It’s quite small and inconspicuous — measuring in at less than half an inch thick.

Even though it’s small, Fitbit was able to cram some solid features into it. The Zip will accurately track all your steps during the day, as well as the distance traveled and the amount of calories you burned. The best part is that you can effortlessly sync all of your data back to your smartphone and keep track of your …

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Thursday’s top deals: portable chargers, Xbox Live Gold, and more!

On a daily basis there is no shortage of great deals to be had, but sometimes hunting them down can be a bit time consuming. Don’t let that drag you down, though. We’ve rounded up some of our absolute favorites from today that you simply can’t miss out on.

Charge it up

Anker PowerCore+ 19000mAh Power Delivery USB-C portable charger

Use code HYBRID13 during checkout to get this deal price. The charger sells for $130 normally and has never dropped from that price directly.

$103.99 $130 $26 off

See at Amazon

With its large capacity, you’ll be able to charge phones like the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S9 several times before recharging. With Power Delivery you’ll get full 27W speeds for all USB-C devices, including phones and laptops. Charge three devices simultaneously with two USB-A ports in addition to the USB-C port.


Xbox Live Gold 6-month subscription

This is a deal that’s limited to three days only, plus there’s always the chance it will sell out beforehand a…

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