Check out the Mobile Makers Academy hackathon and help support a good cause

Mobile Makers Academy, a group that runs iOS development bootcamps, is holding a ”hackathon-for-the-good” in Chicago from July 10-12. Called ”Helping Hack Chicago,” the event will feature Mobile Makers alumni and other developers working to quickly bui…

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How to update iTunes on the Mac

iTunes is your gateway to music, movies, videos and much more. iTunes is included on your Mac, and provides you with access to your entire music library, along with videos, TV shows and movies you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store. iTunes lets you do…

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Ny version av Itunes ger tillgång till Apple Music

Nu kan du använda dig av Apples nya musiktjänst även på en dator.

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Beats 1 is now taking requests, here’s how to submit yours

We’re well into the launch of Apple Music, and Apple’s own radio station — Beats 1 — is about to let you take control of the show. Listeners can now submit song requests, with a special request show even set to start later this evening.

Hi – In a few hours we turn the show over to you. Hit us w/ your requests for @ilovetmills: #Beats1Requests

— Beats 1 (@Beats1) June 30, 2015

If you head on over to the link in the tweet (also below), you’ll find a phone number you can call to make requests right now. Because Beats 1 is a worldwide radio station, there are a variety of numbers listed for different countries, so you should be covered no matter where you’re listening from.

As for the request show, it’s set to kick off at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET with host Travis Mills, so be sure to check that out.

Make your Beats 1 request

Source: Beats 1 (Twitter)

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iTunes 12.2 brings Apple Music to the Mac and Windows

Apple has released iTunes 12.2, which adds support for its new Apple Music service. The update, available for both Mac and Windows, allows users to take advantage of on-demand access to much of Apple’s iTunes catalog, listen to the new Beats 1 radio station, and get new content from their favorite artists with Connect, a new social network for music.

The new Apple Music content is available in the Music section of iTunes, as you’d expect. You’ll notice tabs for New Music and Connect have been added to the top of the section. Of course, you still have easy access to all of the music you own, as well.

To update iTunes on your Mac, simply open the Mac App Store and head to the Updates tab.

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iPhone 6s said to be identical to previous models, feature 7000 Series aluminum body

Update 9/2/15: 9to5Mac is also reporting that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be made from the same 7000 series aluminum alloy as the Apple Watch.

The iPhone 6s will reportedly look almost identical to both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, though with many internal changes to its casing. Internal changes will apparently include a new mounting structure for the logic board and other components.

According to photos obtained by 9to5Mac, most components visible to customers will remain unchanged:

The bottom design of the iPhone 6S is exactly the same as with the prior model, down to the number of speaker holes and the position of the headphone, microphone, and Lightning holes. This will be good news for case and accessory makers, who won’t have to worry about redesigning their iPhone 6 products for the iPhone 6S.

This isn’t that surprising, as the the so-called ”S” iPhone models tend to have, if any, only minor external differences with their predecessors, with those changes often coming down to colors. The iPhone 6s is expected to be released later this year, and is said to include Apple’s A9 system-on-a-chip, support for Force Touch, 2GB of RAM, and a 12MP camera.

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GarageBand for iPhone and iPad adds support for Apple Music Connect

To go along with its big sibling, GarageBand for iPhone and iPad received a small update today. This version adds support for Apple Music Connect, Apple’s new social network for music. It allows artists to share new music, lyrics, and more with their …

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GarageBand for OS X gets its EDM, Hip Hop, and Funk on!

GarageBand, the free music creation app Apple includes on every Mac, has just been updated to version 10.1.

With the new version of GarageBand comes all the Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Hop Hip, Indie, Disco, Funk, and Blues you can handle. That includes 10 new EDM and Hip Hop drummers, 20 new electronic drum kits, 100 new EDM and Hip Hop synthesizer patches, new Morph Pad Smart Control, and 1,000 new loops to support all those new genres.

GarageBand is built on the same technology that powers Apple’s professional-level Logic Pro X. As such, it lets those who are new to music creation start simply, with Apple doing as much or as little of the ”heavy lifting” for them as they need. Instead of hitting a wall early on, quitting, and never looking back, they can play and experiment and get rewarded with small, early successes that get them on the right track and encourage them to continue.

With these new popular genres, everyone can start making the music they like listening to, further engaging them and creating a music experience that becomes increasingly less passive.

Drummer, which is GarageBand’s virtual session player, now includes 20 new electronic drum kits. It’s the same easy-to-use interface, but almost makes you feel like a producer or DJ laying down beats.

The Morph Pad, rather than abstract controls, creates something very close to a relationship where, even if you’re not a pro, you can expriement with volume and complexity, almost as if you’re collaborating with another producer or musician.

You can also fuse acoustic and electronic sounds to create a unique mix. House, Techno, and Dub Step creations are now just a step away, as is the opportunity to create something fresh and new.

As someone with absolutely no musical talent whatsoever, Apple’s sound designers have done a lot to provide an amazing foundation and tools to help everyone not only do the best with what they have, but to learn and improve at the same time.

Apple has even brought the once-pro action recording feature to GarageBand, so you can capture all your favorite sounds and workflows. It’s automation for music, and it can make those incredibly rare moments of genius—at least for me—something you can go back to whenever you want or need to.

And yes—Force Touch is now supported for owners of 2015 MacBooks and MacBook Pros. With it, you can set shortcuts that are triggered by Force Clicks, and receive tactile haptic feedback for the controls.

GarageBand 10.1 may be a point release, but for anyone into EDM, Hop Hip, Indie, Disco, Funk, and Blues, it’ll be a major improvement.

Best of all, it’s available from the Mac App Store now. As usual, it’s free for existing owners and anyone with a recent Mac, and just $4.99 for everyone else.

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Marvel’s Ant-Man will shrink down to be a part of Zen Pinball in July

Zen Studios continues to release new and cool tables for its Zen Pinball game on Mac and Zen Pinball 2 for the iPhone and iPad. The week of July 14, it will do so again with the launch of a table based on the forthcoming movie adaptation of Marvel’s s…

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SoundHound gets Apple Music integration, showcases Beats 1

SoundHound, an app that helps you identify the songs you’re hearing, has been updated with support for Apple Music. The app now features links that take you directly to Apple’s new streaming service, letting you listen to songs there, in addition to S…

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