Best Pokémon Go accessories

What are the best, most must-have accessories to take your Pokémon Go gameplay to the next level? These are our picks!

Pokémon Go is great on its own, but it’s even better with accessories. Whether you want to hatch eggs faster, catch Pokémon and spin Poké Stops more quickly and easily, re-charge as you go, or simply stop dropping your phone, here’s how to take your game to the next level!

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Pokémon Go Plus

Pokémon Go Plus is a small Bluetooth accessory made to work with the Pokémon Go app on iPhone or Android. It’s plastic, but feels well made, has a rumble pack inside so it can alert you to nearby Pokémon and Poké Stops, has a changeable battery and optional wrist strap, and a single, light up button that lets you…

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How to add your iCloud Calendar to Amazon Echo

You can add your iCloud Calendar to Alexa and get your daily schedule from your Echo, Dot, Tap, or Show.

Amazon and Apple are finally playing nice … at least to some degree. You can add your iCloud account to the Alexa app on iPhone and iPad and access your iCloud Calendar content through Amazon’s Echo, Dot, Tap, and Show. Alexa also supports connection to G Suite, Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook. So, if you don’t use iCloud, you can still connect your calendar app if it’s one of these major services. Here’s how.

Important: In order to connect your iCloud Calendar account to Alexa, you’ll have to enable two-factor authentication so you can get an app-specific password. If you don’t know how to enable two-factor authentication or get an app-specific password, check out our guides.

How to enable two-factor authentication

How to get an app-specific password for third-party apps

How to connect your iCloud Calendar to Amazon Alexa
How to ask Alexa about your schedule
How to disconne…

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If — big if — Apple wants to show off ARKit at WWDC 2017, here’s how they could do it!

Come Monday, the WWDC 2017 Keynote will be set in stone. Now, though, I can speculate about anything — including the potential for an augmented reality framework.

”And to show it off, I’d like to welcome onto the stage John Hanke, CEO of Niantic.” ”Thanks, Craig. Hello, everyone! Now, remember what it used to look like when you were playing Pokémon Go and you caught a Tyranitar in AR mode? Well, with Apple’s new augmented reality framework, ARKit, now it looks like THIS!”

No one outside a very small group of people at Apple know for certain what we’ll see at the WWDC 2017 keynote taking place this coming Monday. Even then, plans can and do change up until the last possible moment. So why speculate now? Because it’s the best possible time. Come Monday afternoon, the myriad lines of dream and expectation will have been canceled out into a few hard facts. Everything will be known. Until then, though, I get to wonder out loud about anything and everything — incl…

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Wacom enters the iPad stylus market (again) with the Bamboo Sketch

Don’t have an iPad Pro? Wacom is trying to make yet another stylus for you.

Wacom has been making styluses for digital drawing since what sometimes feels like the dawn of time (the 1980s); the company is widely considered one of the leaders in graphics tablets and styluses, though Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro have put recent pressure on the industry giant.

But what if you don’t have need for an iPad Pro or one of Wacom’s high-end Mac and PC drawing tablets? Well, the company suspects it can win you over with a different sort of drawing experience: A third-party stylus for your iPhone or iPad.

This isn’t Wacom’s first entry into the iOS market — not by a long shot — but the Bamboo Sketch is arguably the culmination of seven years of experimentation.

The pen is a Bluetooth-connected, 1.9mm nib stylus (in the vein of the Bamboo Fineline) that requires the iPhone 6 or later to function, but it offers the nicer build quality of the Intuos Creati…

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How to deal with loose Joy-Cons on your Nintendo Switch

Do your Joy-Con Controllers have trouble staying put? Here’s a how to deal with the problem!

Some player have reported that their Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller is loose when connected to the Switch console, which makes the left or right side move out of place, even when locked in position. The issue doesn’t appear to be as widespread as the infamous Bluetooth issues with the left Joy-Con, but it’s still an irritating problem nevertheless. If you’re experiencing this issue, here are a few things you can do to help with the problem.

A slight wiggle is normal

Since I purchased my Switch at launch, the Joy-Con controllers have always wiggled ever-so-slightly when locked in place in tablet mode. Talking to other iMore Switch enthusiasts, like Russell Holly, and having handled a few of my friends’ consoles, it’s safe to say that this is normal.

When I say a slight wiggle, I mean slight. It’s noticeable, but never has it caused any issues with gameplay nor have they ever popped out…

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Our favorite cheats and tricks

The Federation is counting on you, so it’s ok to break the rules a little.

As long as you and your crewmates communicate well and execute on your combined strategies, most of Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a breeze. Where you’ll run into the most trouble is if your ship isn’t ready to spring into action when you need it to, or if your plan turns out to have some serious flaws. Not to worry, we’ve been playing for a while and found some clever tricks and cheats to help get you where you need to go.

Read more at VR Heads!

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DIY: Make Your Earbuds Fit Perfectly with Sugru

Do your earbuds constantly fall out during workouts? Here’s an inexpensive way to fix them instead of buying new ones!

Most of the time, I prefer listening to my favorite music through a good pair of Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones, but I’m a fan of using earbuds when I’m working out. They are small, easy to carry around, and I can buy them on the cheap, which is important because ruining a good pair of headphones with sweat is annoying and expensive. The downside to having inexpensive earbuds is that they are sometimes ill-fitting and tend to fall out when moving around too vigorously.

You could definitely invest in a pair of headphones specifically designed to endure workouts, but that would mean spending some moolah you may not have in your budget. If you want to keep your earbuds in place, but don’t want to put out a lot of cash, you can try this do-it-yourself solution with the help of Sugru for less than $12.

What the heck is Sugru?

Simply put, Sugru is a moldable glue &m…

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Why the Booq Superslim case might be the perfect MacBook Pro case

The Superslim is super slim, but it fits all your extra bits, too!

I may have found the perfect carrying case for my 13-inch MacBook Pro and it turns out that it’s a lot smaller and thinner than I thought I’d need. The Superslim by Booq is almost as thin as a laptop sleeve, but it’s got pockets, pockets, pockets, which give me that little bit of added room for the few additional peripherals that I always need to bring with me. It’s the best of both — ultra slim and useful.

Look like a business person with a secret

On the outside, the Superslim looks like a briefcase bag. The gray canvas exterior looks good with a suit or blue jeans. It’s versatile. You can carry the case like a briefcase with the handles on top, or you can attach the included shoulder strap and throw it over your shoulder like a messenger bag. The few exterior accents are tan leather zipper pulls, which gives the fancy-schmancy look a little levity, so you can dress down and not feel like your MacBook case…

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Become the ultimate programming wizard for only $36!

When it comes to learning how to code, the entire process can be very overwhelming as can the education needed to understand it all. You need to learn programming languages, you need to learn design, and you need to know how to apply that knowledge in real-world scenarios. Where do you start?

Learn all the basics of progamming! Learn more

Bootcamps are a good solution to learning computer science quickly; however, rarely are good ones near you, which means uprooting your life for a few weeks. That’s not a practical solution for everyone, but what if I told you the boot camp could come to you?

iMore Digital Offers is right now offering this bundle with over 80 hours of content for only $36; that’s an 91% discount from the regular price of $433. Upon completion of this course, you’re going to have the know-how needed to succeed in the tech industry, whether you’re using C, C++, Java, Python, or SQL.

The 8-course bundle for only $36 includes:

Learn By Example: Scala
From 0 to 1…

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The Tablo Dual might be the next great thing in cord cutting

Announced today, Tablo Dual is a connected two-tuner DVR for over the air TV that also boasts internal storage.

The addition of internal storage is a pretty big deal in this latest product from Tablo as it overcomes one of the less consumer-friendly parts of getting rid of your cable box. While 64GB isn’t a lot, it’s enough to get started recording live TV shows without having to resort to your PC or MAc.

Nuvyyo, makers of the Tablo DVR for cord cutters, today announced the launch of Tablo DUAL, its next-generation 2-Tuner OTA DVR. The first networked OTA DVR to include onboard storage, Tablo DUAL makes it easier than ever for cord cutters to discover, record and stream live broadcast programs from their HDTV antenna, right out of the box.

Fully redesigned, with an even smaller form factor, Tablo DUAL adds space for up to 40 hours of HD recordings to the same easy-to-use live TV streaming and one-touch recording features of the original Tablo 2-Tuner OTA DVR. Cord cutters w…

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