HomeKit doors and countertops? This accessible home has it all.

This HomeKit powered home from DPN demonstrates how accessible a smart home can be.

Disability housing provider, DPN, officially opened the doors to its Casa Capace HomeKit powered property to the public last week in Sydney Australia. Consisting of two homes on a single property, each of them were developed with the idea of helping residents who require disability accommodations. This is the first of many planned properties across the country that leverage the power of smart technology, including Apple’s HomeKit, to enable a greater level of independent living.

I was recently given a virtual tour of the property before its unveiling, led by DPN’s Chief Innovation Officer, Daniel Feodoroff, where I could see all of the thoughtful, and well, just plain cool, technology that it has to offer. In addition to general attributes such as open-area spaces and oversized doors/corridors, smart accessories are deployed within the homes to meet specific needs.

Staples such as smart lighting,…

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Tim Cook ’very optimistic’ China is getting the coronavirus under control

”If you look at the numbers, they’re coming down day by day by day.”

What you need to know

Tim Cook says he is optimistic China is getting the coronavirus outbreak under control.
He said that numbers are coming down day by day.
Apple has reopened most of its retail stores in the country and is trying to ramp up manufacturing.

Tim Cook has told Fox Business he is ”very optimistic” China is getting the coronavirus under control.

In an interview he said:

”It feels to me that China is getting the coronavirus under control. I mean, if you look at the numbers, they’re coming down day by day by day. So I’m very optimistic there.”

Whilst numbers in China are in decline, several other countries are witnessing outbreaks, in particular Italy and Iran.

Shareholders expected Apple to address concerns about the outbreak at its shareholder meeting on February 26, however it was mentioned only in passing, and no questions about it were selected for the Q & A.

Recent reports have su…

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Patent reveals how an Apple AR headset could adjust to different users

Lenses could use sensing circuitry to adjust to the shape of your head!

What you need to know

An Apple patent has revealed how an AR/VR headset from Apple could adjust to fit different users.
It would use sensing circuitry to measure your eyes and nose.
The lenses could then be adjusted to prevent excessive pressure and a comfortable fit.

An Apple patent has revealed how an AR/VR headset of the future could use sensors to automatically adjust to the shape of your face.

The patent, published February 27, is titled ’Electronic Device With Lens Position Sensing’ and the abstract states:

A head-mounted device may have a display with first and second pixel arrays that display content for a user. A head-mounted support structure in the device supports the pixel arrays on the head of the user. A left positioner may be used to position a left lens module that includes a left lens and the first pixel array. A right positioner may be used to position a right lens module that includ…

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Apple spelar in tv-serie om företaget Wework

Enligt Variety ska Lee Eisenberg och Drew Crevello göra en miniserie för Apple om Wework, ett av de senaste årens mest hajpade företag.

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MI5 begs tech firms for ’exceptional access’ to encrypted messages

MI5 director Sir Andrew Parker says cyberspace has become ”a wild west, unregulated, inaccessible to authorities”.

What you need to know

UK intelligence agency MI5 has called for ”exceptional access” to encrypted messages.
Sir Andrew Parker said it was ”increasingly mystifying” that intelligence agencies are not able to easily read secret messages.
He thinks tech companies should investigate providing end-to-end encryption whilst also giving access when there is a compelling case to do so.

The director general of MI5 has called on technology companies to give spy agencies ’exceptional access’ to encrypted messages.

As reported by The Guardian:

MI5’s director general has called on technology companies to find a way to allow spy agencies ”exceptional access” to encrypted messages, amid fears they cannot otherwise access such communications.

Sir Andrew Parker is understood to be particularly concerned about Facebook, which announced plans to introduce powerful end-to-end …

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Is your iPhone 6s due an upgrade? Here’s how much faster iPhone 11 is

What you need to know

Apple’s iPhone 6s launched in September 2015.
Most owners will be overdue an upgrade.
This video shows how much faster iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are.

Spoiler: It’s fast.

When Apple launched iPhone 6s back in September of 2015 it was the best thing since sliced bread. Or, at least, since iPhone 6. But we’re now almost four years down the line and it’s starting to look a little long in the tooth. So maybe an iPhone 11 is in order, right? This video shows you what you’re missing out on right now.

Shared by YouTuber PhoneBuff, the video takes one iPhone 6s and one iPhone 11 Pro and then puts them through a suite of app opening and multitasking tests to see which performs the best. There’s even a robotic arm used to try and make everything as fair as possible. Cool, right?

You can watch the full video to see how things panned out, but the short version is that the iPhone 11 Pro smoked its older cousin. So much so that it arguably wasn’t a fair fight and it j…

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Lady Gaga’s latest music video was filmed on an iPhone

What you need to know

Lady Gag’s latest song has a new video to go with it.
The video for ”Stupid Love” was shot on an iPhone.
The singer teased the video on Twitter.

We don’t know which one, though.

Singer Lady Gaga has teased the video for her latest song, ”Stupid Love”. Oh, and it was shot on an iPhone.

Sharing a clip of the video, Gaga also included the tag #ShotOniPhone which is what everyone does when sharing images and videos that were created using Apple’s iPhones. Although we don’t yet know which phone was used, it’s very likely it was either iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro given the unlikelihood of Apple letting an older iPhone be used.

“STUPID LOVE” 9 HOURS #LG6 #ShotOniPhone pic.twitter.com/ZMdoy3jGDG— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) February 27, 2020

Billboard noted that the song goes live today, February 28. It’s also the first single from the singer since 2017.

You can now also watch the full video to take it all in, and it’s fair to say that whichever iPhone was use…

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Crossy Road-spinoff släppt på Apple Arcade

Crossy Road Castle är ett plattformsspel för upp till fyra spelare samtidigt där du tar dig genom ett oändligt högt torn.

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Crossy Road Castle is now available to play via Apple Arcade

What you need to know

Cross Road Arcade is available via Apple Arcade.
It’s a spin-off of the popular Crossy Road from 2014.
The new game has a few improvements, too.

It’s like retro gaming, but better.

Crossy Road was a huge game back when it launched in 2014 and now it has a spin-off of sorts. Crossy Road Castle is available for download from the App Store now, but you’ll need to be an Apple Arcade subscriber.

The game is an endless runner kinda thing, but vertical rather than the more traditional horizontal gameplay. It also has a very 8-bit aesthetic which ticks all of my nostalgia boxes just fine. But there’s more to it than that.

Play Together: Designed for cooperative arcade platforming chaos. You can also play solo, but everything’s more fun with friends, right?

Connect Easily: Connect all players on a single device with game controllers, or connect together across multiple devices (or any mix that suits you).

Collect Everything: Unlock Crossy Chicken and …

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Ett år kvar till första Arm-Macen – därför ska vi tro ryktena denna gång

Apple ryktas släppa sin första Mac med Iphone-processor år 2021. Och kanske får vi alla detaljer redan på WWDC år 2020.

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